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White lionet at the Zoo in Toronto

This fall the White Lions living in a Canadian Zoo, fired to light four Cubs. Today incredibly beautiful l′vâtam just 8 weeks. They do not have names, but the veterinary inspection the animals were already gone.
King of beasts with snow-white hair looks majestically. White Lions are not a separate subspecies. Also wrong to believe these animalsalbinos with pigmentation of the eyes and skin from them.
White lionet at the Zoo in Toronto1
However, all white lions have congenital diseaseleucism. It is characterized by a lack of pigmentation of the hair of animals. Opposite lejkizmu is melanism occurs at the Black Panther. White Lions usually live in captivity in zoos and reserves.
Toronto Zoo now inhabits three adult White Lion: 2 females and 1 male. Animals turned 3 years old. September 26 a lioness named Makali (fearless“) and a lion named Fintan had four pups. Through the 2 month Cubs examined by a veterinarian. At the same time happened to know Paul kids. All the animals were males. Young Lions normally develop and actively play with each other. Lioness Makali was in 2 times is more, because it feeds its young with milk.
White lionet at the Zoo in Toronto2
The Toronto Zoo, which is inhabited by White Lions, was founded in the year 1974. Now there are about 450 species of fauna.



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