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What you know abou Calendula?

The inhabitants of ancient Rome drew attention that flower unfolds with the Sunrise, as soon as it gets dark, petals plants are closed, so in response to the onset of night. In our latitudes flower knew and loved under a different name-Calendula: painfully similar plants seeds for animal claws.
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From ancient times to the present day people appreciate Calendula: believe that it saves them from evil and the evil eye, and also calms the heart and soul, protects against infections. For example, in India for many centuries Calendula is the flower of Krishna, and thus is a symbol of happiness, luck and good luck. And Indian deities everywhere hang garlands of marigold flowers. In southern Europe the flower used as a decoration on wedding ceremonies, because he was considered a symbol of love. The Portuguese and the Spaniards still call it pretty flower“. And yet, it is a flower of the Virgin Mary, symbolizing purity and innocence. In England it was nicknamed-gold Mary. The Chinese, who have long noticed the medicinal properties of plants, his name is flower longevity and čudocvetom.
In addition, marigold was the favourite flower of French Queens, its mentioned in legends and castles were decorated with bouquets of these colors. What is the statue of Queen Margherita, located in the gardens of Paris: If you look closely, it is in the hands of Calendula, frozen in stone forever.
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The Slavs also not lagged behind the French and British. Our ancestors believed that if an unmarried girl will find the imprint of a foot favorite in Earth, pereložit it in the pot and sows there calendula, their love will be eternal. Guys never parted with a handkerchief, which was wrapped around dried Marigold flower, so they wanted to attract family well-being. Bright orange or yellow Marigold flower is the symbol of fidelity in marriage and Assistant to strengthen the bond of matrimony. Our grandmothers believed that the best means of treason is planted around traces her husband Mario, and he never goes to the left. You can also arrange dried Marigold petals in pink and blue satin bag, tie them tightly to the red thread and hide it under the mattress. Drink from the Calendula petals also contributes to the eternal love in the family. And scattering under the marital bed marigolds, you protect yourself from all evil and see prophetic dreams. Even the scent of flowers is able to clean the air, improve mood and destroy bacteria.
In ancient times, sorcerers and healers advise ill just look at calendula, and any disease should pass by itself. Perhaps there is some truth in this, because yellow can charge a shock dose of optimism and vitality. Interestingly, calendula is poison for the Colorado potato beetle. Gardeners have noticed that if the plant site on the perimeter and diagonal calendula, no pests you will not be at the cottage.



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