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What tells your smile about you?

The first, which always rejoice young parentschildren smile. But with age people cease to be sincere, learn to pull a smile and a hypocrite. Still in everyone’s life there are moments when he sincerely smiles. That at this point, you can say author smile?
How do you fighter
Is there a connection between power and smile? In the year 2013 “Emotion magazine published the results of an interesting research: for a long time a group of psychologists studied photos of fighters, dealing with various martial arts.
All pictures were taken the day before the match. Results were expected: those athletes who were smiling in the photo, often lost the battle. And here are those who have had serious and even menacing appearance, on the contrary won. This made it possible to conclude that smiling people are more pleasant, reliable and less aggressive. But at the same time, in terms of physical force such people are less dominant than with those who chose to look at a photo shoot is kept or even slightly aggressive.
How you are strong in spirit
What tells your smile about you2
Smile means not only happiness, it is a sign of social status. In one of the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin about 10 years ago, has published an article about smiles and their importance in society.
As it turned out, strong spirit people smile more often, in addition, they are in a position to force a smile no matter what emotions are actually experiencing. While more “weakpeople rarely smile, when they are under the influence of negative emotions.
How you are rich
By the smile of a teenager, you can determine how much he will earn in middle age. In the year 2012, a study was conducted, the results of which published the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
As a result of prolonged observation, it became known that gloomy teens in middle age earn approximately 30% less than their positive peer. “These results can be associated with stress, which are constantly experiencing depressive people. When a person focuses on their problems rather than at work, labour productivity is reduced by several times “, is written in this article.
How fruitful girl
What tells your smile about you3
Even if you wonder what can tell girls about their smile award, but you would never have guessed the following fact. Dentists note that women in 2 times more likely to have gum disease than men. It is these statistics became the basis for the 2009 year, strange enough research.
Doctorsgynecologists from the University of Western Australia, led by Roger Hart surveyed more than 1000 women of different age groups, but also asked the patients to visit a dentist. According to the results of the study became known that those women who had found gingivitis, had other serious medical conditions, including problems with conception.
How long will you be married
What tells your smile about you4
Psychologists have been trying to uncover all the secrets of the smile. Another attempt was made in the year 2009, when scientists investigated photos and tracked the fate of more than 2thousand people. It turned out that those who in childhood often smiling, and photos including, have stronger marriages.
The percentage of divorces they did not exceed 11%. And here is gloomy and too serious people bred in 2 times more likely (25%). these indicators are explained so that a smile is an indicator of careless approach to life, smiling person is a happy person. That is why the “smiling couples have longer unions than those who prefer seriousness.



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