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What is depression?

The word “depression” is derived from the Latin word “deprimo” oppression, suppression. Depression is considered to be a specific mental disorder a person who can take it for a long period of time of emotional balance, as well as many times affect the quality of their daily lives. For example: sleep, appetite, personal relationships, and so on. Depression usually is a reaction of the body to psychological trauma, as well as any negative situation that gives life. Depression can cause, for example, the death of a loved one, dismissal from work, the loss of a loved one, illness, etc. Primarily depression is a disease. It is called “painful low mood. It can manifest itself as an independent disease, and as a manifestation of many others. This does not mean that depression occurs only in sick people. It exposed and absolutely healthy people. Depression is the most common type of mental disorder. You should carefully monitor their well-being, because first of all it is a disease and should be treated. Otherwise, it can cause very serious consequences. Generally, prolonged depression suggests the patient suicidal thoughts. Often, the suicide case, fortunately, does not receive: a sick person to be in such poor physical condition that he simply lacks the power to cause harm. Reach the extremes of those who are sick of depression, can only happen when the body just gets stronger, and the depression weakened slightly.
What is depression2
Reaction to such situations, such as dismissal, divorce etc. is pronounced symptoms and loss of mood can be observed from a couple days to a couple of years. Usually the mood can stabilise only after tense situation resolved. Lesswhen a person changes its attitude to the situation.
Depression is a condition from which it is possible to relieve
If the form of depression, it can be easy to get rid of just a few days. For starters try to cope with this condition alone. Mentally set a term for which you expect to improve their condition. If the term has expired, and the changes have not occurredplease contact us for expert help.
How to start treating depression?
For a start we recommend you consult your doctortherapist. It will help you find out whether you have depression and if the answer is positive, will help to cope with it.
Reference materials about the disease compare their symptoms as described. If multiple symptoms on faceget tips that offer you read materials. If it does not bring any results, make a list of questions that you would like to ask a therapist. This will help to better understand the situation.
-Try to share with family or friends, or just talk to somebody on the souls. Depression can severely delay you from expensive people. Don’t forget that not all relatives like that happening to you. They can help or advise a good specialist. Not worth to stay with the problem one on one conversation and will help you feel a little better.
How can you help yourself?
pay much attention to their appearance and body. As you know, during the depression a person loses force. As soon as you feel a little better and the force would begin to return, give your body a little physical activity: for example, take a walk along the street or join pet care.
strongly avoid any negative thoughts. If such thoughts begin to visit you apply maximum efforts to escape and think about what gives you pleasure. Can still take themselves in some influence: Cook a new dish or touch things in the closet, call a friend or a drink out of hot tea.
do not take any important decisions. As proven professionals, depression does not allow us to adequately perceive the situation and not only themselves but also the whole world.
try to eat regularly. If you feel hungry, be sure to sample it. In no case is it worth indulge in something tasty. During the depression suffers our immunity, so doctors recommend to consume as many vitamins.
even if you have to travel themselves, communicate with people. Often a source of strength is our nearest and dearest people. They can not only help you physically, but to help make a decision or to give useful advice.
What is depression
do not harm their health. Many people believe that alcohol helps to cope with the problem. Actually the person who suffers from depression, alcohol and various drugs are strictly prohibited. They only trigger a worsening of your already complicated State.
What do you do to prevent the development of depression?
Make a daily routine for yourself and stick to it.
Allow yourself to periodic holidays with friends and alone.
Is not worth to themselves unnecessarily inflated claims.
For any achievement of voznagraždajte itself. For example, treat yourself to the desired purchase or try a new dish at your favorite restaurant.
Do not blame themselves in all their troubles. Try to calm down and think about what is your fault, and you absolutely are not to blame. If you are guilty of something, then try to solve the problem and correct the error as soon as possible.
Don’t forget about socializing with friends and family.
Try to start each day with the charge. If there is such an opportunity, at least 2 times per week workout.
Depression does not depend on age. If you feel that you or your loved ones began to have problems, please contact us. Without the help of professionals, depression will only grow. If you look at the first sign, then it is easily treatable. Complete recovery occurs in 80% of cases.



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