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What is deja vu?

DejaVu is considered to be a certain psychological state during which the person feels that such a situation has occurred, with this feeling does not associated with any moment from the past. As a rule, a human at this point, a feeling of strangeness, envelops and as he realizes that it’s not real. There are moments when people can even with frightening precision, know what’s going to happen in the next moment. And some even perceive the effect of déjà vu, as paranormal abilities.
The term “Dejavuin his book L’Avenirdessciencespsychigues” (the psychology of the future), used the psychologist Emile Buarakov.
There are also very similar phenomena: unheard-of” and experiences“. And here is the opposite phenomenon of deja vužhameVû“never seen“. During this state the person experiences a strange feeling: for example, he is in a familiar place, with the feeling that he never was.
What are the causes of the phenomenon of deja vu and how it manifests?
What is deja vu
There are cases when the impression of déjà vu can be so strong that they seek a person for many years. When this man cannot remember absolutely no details of those events that he experienced during the Deja vu. As a rule, déjà vu accompanied by so-called depersonalizaciej. This can be explained as follows: reality become so vague that people cannot focus. It happens that a person comes the State derealization” personality it can be compared to a denial of reality. Such a definition of the State gave Freud. And here is the definition of a Bergson déjà vu: he believed that this reminiscence about the present. He was sure that at this point, people perceive reality as would be forked, and to some extent, mentally transferred into the past.
The study showed that the phenomenon of deja vu is very widespread. 97% absolutely healthy people at least once in your life in this state of mind. And that’s among people who suffer from epilepsy, this percentage is even higher. Like no matter how hard scientists artificially cause deja vu elusive. This is the reason why so few scientists can tell us about this strange phenomenon. The precise reasons for which a person experiences DejaVu, is not known. The only thing agreed opinion of scientists is that déjà vu is caused by the interaction of various processes in the areas of the brain responsible for perception and memory.
At the moment the most plausible proposal can be considered as follows: déjà vu effect caused by nothing more than a provisional information processing, for example, during sleep. In life the man gets into a situation that his subconscious mind already should reflect on and lost in a dream, and the brain very successfully modeled, in doing so, the event is very close to the real situation. And DejaVu effect occurs. Psychiatrists argue that if the phenomenon of déjà vu one feels too often, this is evidence of the mental disorder of the personality.



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