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Well Tora-gates of hell

It is really a gate to another world … Another explanation of this natural phenomenon, scientists have found. Well the Torah-the only one of its kind yet unexplored mystery man on our planet. Another similar phenomenon Well Jacob, explored in the second half of the last century. And here examine Well the Torah and to this day there is no daredevil. All because natural diameter funnel 5 metres and when the tide seems to be that hole sucks water. And after just a few seconds Well Torah with crazy power spits out the absorbed water.
Scientists speculate that with a funnel connected system of underground caves. But this is just a guess.
Well Tora-gates of hell1
During low tides curious tourists and photographersdaredevils trying to get close and look into the underworld. But too slippery stones and strong wind hampered always curiosity.
Well Tora-gates of hell2
Why is this funnel formed among the rocky shores of Cape Perpetua (Oregon, United States) is called the well of the Torah? An ancient legend tells about jealousy and murder: a long time ago on these scenic Pacific coast were favorite meeting place for couples. One of them was especially beautiful: handsome young warrior and a beautiful girl. They met every night at the place where now the funnel. One day, the girl whispered her treason of the young person, and she believed the insidious speeches envious friends. An evening rendezvous came with a knife in his hand and without explanation pierced heart loving her boy. This is all seen Thor and turned rastekaûŝuûsâ blood in all lava that ratio and on the place of the tragedy left deep gaping wound. This funnel today recalls how destructive can be jealousy



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