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Velella velella – the one and only

This living organism is known as Velella velella, she is the only representative of the ground, oceanic pelagic species.
“The Portuguese man o’ war
Velella velella is a representative colonial organisms. This means that it does not exist independently. This is a whole colony. Camera of chitin, covered with a cloak, which is filled with air, formed within the colony. It is designed to support the entire colony on the surface of the water. Velella velella yet endowed with a semicircular blade, very thin, which is located on top of the air Chamber. And the reason is some sail in the form of the letter “S. By the way, this sail and served as a name: in Latin velum” means sail. Velellu is also called “Portuguese ship. Thanks to this sail, the colony moves on the surface of the water, but not directly, but at a certain angle, blown away.
For whom the ship is intended?

Velella velella - the one and only

The dimensions of this substance can reach 10 centimeters. Velella velella yet has 8 or more tentacles. But the main question: who inhabits” is a boat with a sail? Pretty big size polyp that is located at the Center. He is responsible for the extraction of food and for its digestion. Around it are smaller polyps, which are responsible for food and reproduction. Still have polyps, which are specifically designed to protect. Diet make up the small fish. Their catches Velella tentacles. On themžalâŝie cells.
Velellu can be found in tropical and subtropical latitudes of the world’s oceans and in the Western Mediterranean Sea. Though the substance and predatory, but for the person poses no threat, as žalâŝie cells unable to damage the epidermis.



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