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Unusual restaurant in the sky

In our time camping in the restaurant is normal and not worth attention. Pastime in such institution anyone now not surprise. Restaurant business is booming: cuisine for every taste, varied Interior-for celebrations, romantic or business meetingsto choose from. However, the restaurant, which will be discussed in this article can be called the most original in the world. Is it the name of “Dinner in the Sky“. Strikes not for its cuisine or a perfect Interior. No. It is notable that guests do not see the floor beneath your feet and the ground, and at the bottom.
Unusual restaurant in the sky
This unusual restaurant is essentially a platform consisting of an oval-shaped table and seats arranged in a circle. The platform has a length equal to 9 meters, and weighs 7 tons, it’s a miracle. On one platform freely hosted 22 guests and staff, including waiters and cooks. Platform with people raises to a height of 50 meters, huge cock. We can only guess what sensations experience customers “Dinner in the Sky“, trapezničaâ over the land. First time visiting this restaurant, few will be able to describe the impressions of the filed of wine or same taste dishes.
Unusual restaurant in the sky1
Comments by critics of this extraordinary institution differ greatly from each other. Some describe their unforgettable pleasant sensation and enthusiasm, while others say that it is the most horrible lunch in their lives.
It is noteworthy that this restaurant is not tied to any particular place or city. Owners of institutions provide an opportunity for all who wish to enjoy the extreme pastime. But the extravagant vacation can afford not everyone. The restaurant is particularly popular among large corporations, for example, Peugeot, BMW, Samsung, Hugo Boss and many others.

Unusual restaurant in the sky3

“Dinner in the Sky” provides another service: it can be booked for concert listening, playing poker or for watching sports matches. And possibly want to eat accompanied by live music? Easily! For a fee, next will raise another platform with the musicians.
The owners of this institution ensures guests ‘ safety and claim that before each upgrade all equipment is thoroughly checked. “Dinner in the Sky is a site that hosts all the information, you can learn about the movements of the restaurant.



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