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Unsolved mystery-Rebus Puma Punku

Many mysteries of antiquity remain inaccessible, despite what science stepped far forward. Such mysteries include megalit in Bolivia under the name Puma Punku. Archaeologists and scientists have been trying to unravel the mystery of this mysterious building, but to date they have not been able to. There have been a variety of theories: from ancient civilizations developed before visiting our planet the aliens.

Megalit Pumapunku is located South-East of Lake Titicaca, titled in the Andes. It is located on the territory of the ancient city of Tiuanaka. Earlier, during the study of this ancient city, scientists were able to detect traces of the Incas. The biggest mystery is the precision and complexity of the structure. Researchers strike doorways and carved blocks of stone, with skilful precision fitted below each other. It is worth noting that the scientists failed to detect any trace of the coinage.

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Jason Jager, an anthropologist who was researching Puma Punku, made a statement that in the year 1470 these edges came the Incas, but the city of Tiwanaku already then stood abandoned. After a while, and the whole town Pumapunku became part of the Inca Empire. They believed that Viracocha, their deity, this ancient city has created people who subsequently became the ancestors of all nationalities. Jason Younger wrote that the ruins of the Incas served as venue for rituals. Ancient people venerated those ruins as a sanctuary and turned them into a Memorial. Scientists believe that struck stone figures nearby Pumapunku are monuments to the rulers of the city of Tiwanaku.

What is the age of this megalithic? What is the true origin of Puma Punku? These questions are still not answered. Radiocarbon dating megalithic debris showed that it was built between 500 and 600 a.d.. With such results agree not all. Many believe that this analysis produces an erroneous result, and the reservoir was erected on many millennia earlier.

Scientist Arthur Poznanski was confident that Pumapunku created about 15 thousand years BC. To determine the age of a scientist used astronomical devices. Arthur argues that the ancient civilization has created the temple. It was conceived as a kind of clock. Above the center of the Temple of the Sun appear on the first day of spring, and the Sun’s rays scattered through the Arch of stone. Throughout the year, Sunrise point moved precisely on the horizon line. According to the version of the scientist, during the winter and summer solstice this point moved into position above the corner stones on the other side of the temple. As it turned out, the stones are much further than anticipated Poznanski. The scientist took the Sunrise point counts and soon found out that 17 thousand years ago they fully coincide with the corners of the temple.

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Another feature of the Pumapunku: a complex irrigation system. Surprised scientists accuracy holes and channels for water drainage. Skill far exceeds not only the possibility of the Incas, but other ancient peoples who lived in this territory.

Jason Jager sure many agree with him that the ancient structure and surrounding terrain together form a harmonious structure. It connected knowledge of ancient civilizations. Such places symbolize the human mind



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