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Trees treated

Trees are living air purifiers, and everybody knows about it. However, they can also treat the human psyche and improve mood.
In the year 2002 in the Midwest United States affected by ash. Because of the invasion of the Emerald beetleSawfly killed nearly 100 million trees. This turmoil has not ended. Immediately after the emergency medics have recorded rapid increase in mortality among people living in that territory. And locals died mainly due to diseases of the heart and lungs. This is the explanationthe extinction of trees leading to air pollution. Green cleaners through the surface of their leaves to absorb the harmful gases that adversely affect human health.
Oxygen produced by trees, rich in negative ions, favorably impacting the work of the blood vessels. Trees also are able to provide assistance to the human psyche.
Trees treated
30 years ago was conducted an interesting experiment. The experts observed the people who restore operation on the kidneys. Patients, which were Chambers window Green Park, recovered faster than those who beheld the stone wall.
The same applies to women who have suffered from breast cancer. Regular walking among the trees to improve mood and saturated patients vital forces.
Patrice Bušardon, French psychologist, knows how to improve mood and health through the trees. To expand the horizon and improving concentration enough to perform simple exercise. If a man walks in the Park, he should carefully look at the foliage of trees. Special attention is paid to the space between the branches and individual leaves.
Trees treated2
The trunk of the tree has a powerful energy. Very useful iron wood bark, feel each of her vpadinku and roughness. When you do this, you need to cover your eyes. Such reception allows for enhanced touch and allocate it among other senses.
Each tree has a unique aroma, worthy of attention. It can smell sweet, bitter, tart and so forth in human flavor each associated with certain emotions. When examining the smell of wood, it is important to concentrate on the feelings and images that arise in the imagination.
For internal training of hearing you want to choose a tree that is like more than the others. His need to hug and listen to arise emotions. Such reception allows to unclutter the mind and make room for sensuality, which lacks the busy people.



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