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The young man managed to catch a tiger shark with hands

In Australia, on the beach, Potsvill, a young man, Max Start, managed to catch a tiger shark without the use of equipment, just their bare hands. The length of this predator was 4 meters.
It is worth noting that this type of sharks, along with sharkhammer and the white shark is the most dangerous to humans. Although at this time of year, the tiger shark is very rare.
After the fight is for freedom.

The young man managed to catch a tiger shark with his bare hands1

Giving an interview, the 19-year-old guy reports that actually tame such a predatoris no easy task. Max’s hands completely covered with bruises and abrasions. Battle shark man lasted three hours. At the end of the battle, Max, instead of fix size for setting the world record, let the shark and saved her life.
From the words of the beasts: this time I had one. Tiger shark at the end of the battle has calmed down, and I just let her off. I piously believe that any life is much more valuable than any records.
Max said that usually they go hunting with friends. As a rule, they are going to five. This allows you to organize rapid assistance in the event of imminent danger. But this time, the Aussie was alone, not counting the girlfriend, who was able only to take pictures. It is not a Hunter and help nothing. Max Start said that though it was extremely difficult, but very interesting.



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