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The work – personal life: a difficult balance

Since ancient times, our life is divided into 2 main components-work and personal life. With these ever since in most people, the question arises: how to find the Golden middle between these spheres of life. We live in a world where working hours are clearly regulated, and his personal time we can have at their discretion-spend it on sleep, visit nightclubs to spend it with friends or a loved one. Every year it seems that finding a balance between work and personal life more difficult: work absorbs more and more time. But there are countries where the situation is much better.
According to the mental health Foundation Uk lack of balance between work and personal life (hour ratio) affects the human psyche. Firstly, people who spend more time at work, neglected other aspects of life. Secondly, they think about work even outside the Office. Thirdly, workaholics are not very good relationships with friends and family.
The work - personal life a difficult balance
It would seem, for more than 100 years in the civilized world, the average working day lasts 8:00. So in humans remains to be 4:00 pm on sleep and the device‘s personal life. But, as it turns out, is not so simple.
Imagine that the average workweek in the United States lasts 49 hours, that’s about 1788 hours per year. In post-Soviet countries a year on average about 2thousand hours. A lot?
And in Mexico, the figure is 2237 hours per year. Surprisingly, in the Netherlands working hours amount per year is approximately 1380. In this European country, most people have part-time work is one of the reasons for this low rate. According to economists, 77 percent of women and 27 percent of men worked less than 36 hours per week. In the Netherlands there was even a law guaranteeing the right to demand shorter working hours. In addition, in that State, only 0.5% of all employees work more than 40 hours per week.
The work - personal life a difficult balance3
Reducing the number of working hours will definitely increases the amount of time for hobbies, travel, vacation and spending time with family and friends. But at the same time, this compromise reduces revenues.
Every working person is waiting impatiently to leave-because this time the planned nearly every minute: just a few weeks you need time to relax, meet with all your friends and relatives someone plans to overhaul at this time, and someone trip.
The longest recorded leave in Italy, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal and Austria, where more than 45 percent of all workers have an official release of 30 or more days. This gives more time for the Europeans to celebrate the holidays, to recover from stress and relax. The record among European countries by duration of leave have again become Netherlandsvacation just 20 days.
The work - personal life a difficult balance2
Each country has its own legislative framework regulates employer and employee. The State regulates the number of hours of work and rest. But the people themselves can do thissomeone chooses to work at home, and someone like crazy cycle, e.g. ambulance station.
Scientists have long proved that need to manage their time wisely, evenly distributing resources: you cannot sacrifice personal life, meeting with friends, or a visit to a concert for the sake of work. This is not the case with chronic workaholics” — because they are pathologically dependent from his work people.
Each time, staying on the job, remember: the work never ends, and life is short.



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