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The warmest ocean

The surface layer of the oceans is heated by sunlight, and thickness of such layer is warmed by no more than a few meters. Below this level the water is already more cold and in the deeper layers it has a temperature not exceeding plus 2 degrees. But, despite the fact that all the oceans of the world is in deep layers is not very high temperature of the water is the warm ocean. This is recognized by the Pacific Ocean, which is considered to be the same kind of record in the ranks of the mostmost.
If you are interested in which ocean the warmest, the answer is clearthe Pacific Ocean, which for the most part located in the region of the equator. But the closer to the equator, the ocean is warmer than the water. The average surface water temperature have him plus 19 degrees. Just the leader of the Indian Oceanwater temperature averages plus 17 degrees. And is the coldest Arctic Ocean water temperature here equals slightly more than plus 1 degree.
The warmest ocean
In the summer the Earth warm ocean waters, and in winter they slow the containers in which the surrounding air is given to heat, heating the surrounding air, like a battery. Scientists have concluded that it is not akkumuliruj the oceans warm, the temperature on average on our planet would be plus 21 degrees, and this would have led to a whole different level of existence of humanity
The Pacific Ocean can be called the most in many respects. In addition, he is recognized as the most warm, it has a very huge size, that allows to name his biggest and deep. As is the ocean in a variety of climatic zones, and the length of his incredibly large. The most extensive is considered Equatorial area of the ocean, where the water temperature is equal to not less than plus 25 degrees. The volume of water in the ocean is equal to 723,000,000 KM3. From North to South it is spread at 15800 km and from East to West19500 miles. On the area of the warm ocean in the world is approximately 180,000,000 km2.
It is known that the first expanse of the Ocean was able to contemplate the conquistadors Balboa, peresekavšemu in 16 century isthmus. In those days he called water space “Southern sea”. But a little later, the Navigator of Portugal, f. Magellan nicknamed huge Pacific Ocean because when crossing it for one hundred and ten days the weather was surprisingly calm, there were no storms.
The ocean floor has a very large variety. For example, in the Eastern Pacific Ocean there is a level bottom. And in the central part there are troughs and hollows. The deepest spot in the local area is the Mariana Trench which deepens almost 11000 km. This depression constitutes the deepest place on Earth. On the bottom of the Pacific Ocean has considerable deposits of natural resources (for example, here is approximately forty percent of the world’s reserves of “black gold).
The warmest ocean2
Since the ocean is about half of the available surface water on Earth, its flora and fauna is quite diverse. In the ocean the waves live over a hundred thousand species of marine life. Most of life there is in the tropical zone. And now okeanologami open unprecedented animals that live here.
Despite the fact that it is home to many animal species, their number could decline due to the impact of man on nature. Now the Pacific recognized quite polluted. Environmental problems have resulted in some disappearing plant and animal species. For example, to the twentieth century here almost did not become fur seals and several species of whales. And the reason the oil pollution and various industrial waste. Each year, an increasing number of discharged into the waters of the ocean trash. Located 500 miles from the California spot debris gradually increases in size. And to prevent the loss of plants and animals, it is important that people thought and learned to cherish nature.



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