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The underwater city near the coast of Cuba

In 1998 year, Dan Clark, American atlantolog, stated that discovered the remains of Atlantis near Cuba, other scientists only laughed. Through 3 years was collected by the Canadian expedition and sent to the western part of Cuba, in the Guanahasibibes Bay. It was then, and were confirmed by the words of Clark were found the remains of this ancient civilization, whose age was approximately 8000 years. American scientist after this discovery began to look for money to make an expedition to the place and his quest continued long 10 years. When, finally, EMU managed to collect the required amount on the excavations found that myself experienced the shock. He found evidence that there was a lot of guesswork. He confirmed the hypothesis that Atlantis was an integrated civilization and had many points in on their planet.
The underwater city near the coast of Cuba
Evidence of this version were found just in the Azores, Crete, Cuba and Malta. This location seems very strange. The first told about Atlantis Plato and in this story were mentioning that the sons of Poseidon ruled 10 kingdoms, namely Mainland and served as their Center. Alexander Voronin, President of the Russian community to study Atlantis, said that Dan Clarke was very lucky because it started at excavations very suitable place. Here the water has a high temperature throughout the year and at depth, the diver can descend, lie the remains of the city.
Dan Clark’s expedition discovered a pyramidal complexes, which are identical buildings. The scientist was in disarray. Buildings are identical, but the date is completely different. Mexican pyramids are 2000 years old, and underwater for many older specialists, not less than 12000 years.
Here’s the thing about this thinks himself a scientist: “I guess that a Mayan or copied the other civilization, or conducted a reconstruction of the buildings, which were built earlier. The expedition discovered another very interesting discovery: human skeleton was discovered, which was 3.5 meters. According to Dan, they stumbled upon the remains of the inhabitants of Atlantis. It is a pity that the skeleton seized as compensation money sponsors expedition. Location of the skeleton now nobody knows. Or maybe it’s fiction!



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