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The Temple of Love in India

How many interesting things built in the world, probably, every day you can write articles about unique architectural works of art. Today, our view was very interesting temple of love “, which is built in the Indian town of Khajuraho. The population of this town only 19000 thousand people, but even that fact does not stop the huge flow of tourists, and there is a logic to it.
The temple saw the light of day between 950 and 1050, when the rules of the Chandela dynasty. India were considered during these years dawn architecture. Only according to ancient records 85 temples were built, but due to natural and human acts survived only 22 of the temple.
The Temple of Love in India
Surprised and extraordinary views of the Chandela ruler Radzhputova, under whose leadership and temples were built. Skill builders of that time and now surprises specialists in this field. The structure is so filigranny, that seems to be their carved from a single monolith. In fact the material for construction and sandstone construction performed took place without a single solution. Simple connections between the material and the trunnion plates held together by gravity. Just wondering what this method of construction requires very accurate calculations.
The most important thing is the thousands of sculptures carved on the temples. And their composition and diversity of glorified these sites around the world. All the sculptures are reminiscent of scenes from one of the famous book “Kama Sutra” — that’s the secret, which attracts tourists from all corners of the world.



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