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The smallest state in the world

It is widely accepted that the smallest State is the Vatican. But this is not the case. This title belongs to the order of Malta. True full name sounds a little different-the sovereign military order of St. John’s Hospice, of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta.

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This order has every reason to be called by the State, since it has all the necessary attributes. It was founded in 1099 year. Official capital-Maltese Palace, located in Rome. The official language is Latin or dead Latin language. Malta also belongs to Fort St Angelo on the island of Malta.

It turns out that inside the Vatican there is another State whose territory equals 0.012 square kilometres. 12-and-a-half thousand people are citizens of Malta.
But these were not always State dimensions. In the middle ages, Knights Hospitaller owned territories in Western Europe and the East. Yet they prevailed in Malta, Rhodes and Cyprus. But the incident time of Malta gradually ousted, and now he owns the only Fort and two houses.

The smallest state in the world2

Trunk Palace, located on Via dei Condotti 68, is the seat of the Grand Master. Here meet the Supreme rulers of the order. The main villa is on the Aventine hill, it is not only the Roman branch, then there’s Order in the Vatican Embassy, and the Embassy of the Italian Republic. It is these two houses belong to the order of Malta.

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Despite its status, the order of Malta is an observer in the UN. Nationals of that State can travel in 32 countries of the world without a visa. Yet citizens of Malta have their own passports and license plates. And the interesting thing is that the order of Malta had its own currency: up to the year 2005 it was scudo, and later the euro.



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