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The shortest street in the world

Places like this, attracting many tourists. They are simply designed for a romantic rendezvous. If you happen to be in Scotland, in the town of Wick, then be sure to visit the street Ebenezer Place.
Only once I warn: perform a full walk through it you do not succeed, because it is the shortest street in the world.


What do you think: what length should have such an attraction? It’s hard to believe, but Ebenezer Place is only 2.06 meters. It is because of this fact, this street is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest street in the world. Ebenezer Place awarded this honor in 2006. It should be noted that prior to this significant moment of the shortest streets were not even on the maps of the city. Now the glory of Ebenezer Place, Wick spread far beyond Scotland.

Ebenezer Place was founded in 1883. At this time there appeared a private hotel called Mackeys Hotel. By the way, stop at this point, you can today. The hotel is built in the form of a trapezoid. On one side is the entrance to Bistro №1. Ebenezer Place – the width of the narrow part of the facade of the hotel Makkeyz.



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