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The resort of Pamukkale or the eighth wonder of the world

Few who have not yet familiar with the resort in Turkey under the name of Pamukkale. The eighth wonder of the world is a place nicknamed ulterior motive: the incredible beauty of kinds of gaining the hearts of all who have visited this place. It is worth noting that to date there is a high probability of ecological catastrophe. So, hurry up and witness the incredible beauty, as long as there is a possibility.
The resort of Pamukkale or the eighth wonder of the world1
Pamukkale attracts tourists from all over the world the beauty of the white slopes. The most interesting is how they were formed. Geological location of Pamukkalegeothermal sources. Water in them has a temperature from 30 to 100 degrees Celsius. Water, flowing down from the Rocky slopes, forming small pools of various forms, with limestone walls. The walls are called travertines. White give them salt deposits from various sources that are rich in calcium. It is worth noting that since 1988 the year of Pamukkale, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
There is a widespread belief that these limestone water have good healing qualities. This is one of the reasons why it attracts thousands of tourists every year from all over the world. From ancient times through these waters were treated with paralysis, rheumatism, restored the work of cardiovascular system, diseases of the skin, rickets, as well as problems with vision. Are not an exception and common problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Login here worth 20 YTL and open 24 hours. You must know that not all the ground entrance to the travertines is open. The fact of the matter is that some travertines have very fragile structure. Before visiting Pamukkale, you must get acquainted with rules: on the travertines shod walking is prohibited, it is not allowed to bathe in the springs. Naturally, people cannot be stopped by any rules, so tourists still immerse themselves in water approximately one metre deep.
The resort of Pamukkale or the eighth wonder of the world2
But not everywhere forbidden bathing. There is a special pool called Cleopatra” designed just for this purpose. It is located in the city of Hierapolis. Authorities planned to soon open a few more pools for swimming to be able to completely restrict direct access to tourists.



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