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The Pyramid of Cheops

Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest of the three pyramids at Giza. According to scientists, it was erected in the XXVIII century BC according to Herodotus, the construction of the pyramid was happening so: Cheops ordered to take up work around the Egyptian people. People were divided into two groups: one group was delivered to the Bank of the Nile, and the second is responsible for ensuring that these blocks were safely transported to the foot of the Libyan mountains. As much as 10 years was spent only to build a road on which these huge blocks are moved to the river. With the words of Herodotus, the permanent work force numbered 100 000000 people who every three months succeeded following.
pyramid ofr cheops
However, excavations that were conducted at the site of the settlement, inhabited by the builders of the pyramids of Cheops, show that they were not slaves, and received for his hard work very decent salaries, besides about them very well cared for. This is evidenced by the bones found by archaeologists. The remains were found traces of injuries, however, postponed without any complications due to high quality medicine. There is a version that the pyramid built by farmers who did not work in the fields during the time of the flood of the Nile.
This huge construction consists of 2 300 0000 cubic blocks of limestone that have very smooth polished side. The average weight of each unit is 2.5 tons and the heaviest weight is 15 tons. The pyramid itself weighs 5.7 million tons.
The Egyptians possessed a truly formidable knowledge in areas such as engineering and civil engineering and astronomy. This is evidenced by the following fact: the pyramid almost exactly points to the North. In 1925, the measurements were held which revealed that the margin of error is only 3 minutes and 6 second.



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