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The oldest restaurant in the world

Restaurant Botín (Sobrino de Botin) entered the Guinness Book of records as the oldest in the world. It was opened in the year 1725 the Spanish family, Botin. In the same year, the institution established a furnace that is successfully used today.
Until the early 18th century in Spain was prohibited for sale of wine and meat in catering establishments. This measure was undertaken in order to ensure the economic protection of traders. Botín all dishes prepared from only those components which were visitors. In 1765 he worked in the restaurant utensils washer, famous all over the world in the future. We are talking about the artist Francisco Goya, who while working at Botín was expecting its začisleniâv Royal Academy of fine arts of San Fernando. By the way, the artist never enrolled in the Academy.
In the 19th century, the restaurant moved into the hands of the nephew of one of the spouses Botin, as children in their family was not. The new owner called Candido Remis. The restaurant, which at the time was called Tavern, Sobrino de Botin” (nephew of Botín “). In the early 20th century institution governed family González. The restaurant itself is located on the ground floor and on the upper floors of the home owners. Botín‘s staff consisted of 7 employees including owners and their three children.
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Spanish civil war lasted from 1936 to 1939 year. Intra-State conflict affected and on the activities of the Botín. His mistress with the children went to live in the village before the best times, and the head of the family continued restaurant management, which at 3 years turned into a canteen for soldiers. At the end of the war, Botín was transferred into the possession of the sons of the family of Gonzalez. It is they who have made the restaurant what it is today.
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Now Botin, the oldest restaurant in the world, specializes in Castilian cuisine.
The visitor offer fried dishes of lamb and pork.
Botín also can eat soup, which was named after the surname of the founders. The dish consists of chicken broth, eggs and plenty of garlic.



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