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The most unusual roads of Europe

In France there is a unique road that goes through the pass Col de Turini“, it makes the heart beat faster drivers. Here you can feel like a racer Australia Monte Carlo: 1600 meters above sea level and the constant twisting and winding roadsfor lovers of adrenaline, and if it’s still season with snow-capped mountains, Canyon and mountain river stone grâdkoj happens a cocktail of different senses and excellent memory for life.
The most unusual roads of Europe
But more impressions, please contact in Italy on the Stelvio Pass Road, which also goes through the Alps. It is located at an altitude of 2757 metres above sea level and is only open from early June to late September. Open Road in the distant year of 1829. Here it offers 60 steep turn and slightly fewer studs48 pieces, and road-building machinery is constantly ready to support roads in good condition in all weather conditions.
Norwegian Trollstigen road is famous for its rugged beauty and North mountain waterfalls. But to enjoy all the pleasures of the road, better stop at special venues, not worth to tempt fate, because here the most steep turns in Europe, and the width of the road in some places just 3.3 meters. No wonder that it is called “road troll“.
Atlantic-Road,The most unusual roads of Europe
This list got another Norwegian Road-the Atlantic Road. It is not dangerous, but surprise any motorist will be able to. The route was built to connect several islands and consists of 8 bridges, one of which is very tall and makes a bit nervous. After the opening of the Atlantic Road became one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Here built four observation platforms, which offer stunning views.



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