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The most strangest laws

In the world very much obscure and even absurd ridiculous laws know ordinary man cannot. Nowadays you need to be legally grounded at least while traveling.
Italy. Let’s start with Venice, where by law it is prohibited to feed pigeons in order to preserve the old buildings, which are destroyed due to bird droppings. A fine of up to $ 600, though, if the pay on the spot is only $ 60. With regard to tourists (they do not know the specific laws), the police are treated with patience and understanding. Also in town on the water are prohibited from being in a public place without a shirt and eat sandwiches on the sidewalk. In the Italian town of Tropea, the law stipulates: women who thick, ugly or homely, are prohibited from appearing on the beach in razdetom form! I wonder how police identify violators?! I would like to see.

The most strangest laws

The United Arab Emirates. During the holy month of Ramadan have to be careful and know the laws. Here do not look that you are a tourist and you will be fined if you consume food and drinks in public places.
China. Want to look at naked girls? Not a problem! But God forbid you to stare at the bare legs clad girls! This is a terrible insult, for which you may face a penalty a few days in prison.
Estonia. In Tallinn are forbidden to play chess during intercourse. Strange, but true.
Canada. From 1985 onwards, the seller may refuse the buyer if the latter pays one-dollar coins worth $ 25 more per piece.
United States. This is a special country, where in different States of their ridiculous laws. By law, the State of Ohio, for example, do not weld the fish, but in Alabama it is forbidden to drive a car with your eyes closed.
This is not the whole list of strange laws. Many of them we will tell in future articles.



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