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The most powerful woman in Ukraine and the world

The 49-year-old woman is the world champion in Powerlifting. Externally, Anna little resembles a real Lady. Many men might envy the broad shoulders and steel muscles this famous representative of the fairer sex. By the way, the champion is very proud of its not feminine appearance. 27 years ago Anna taught biology at one of the schools of Nikolayev and concurrently worked as a smotritel′nicej at the Zoo.
The most powerful woman in Ukraine and the world1
Woman admits that in his youth it is very kompleksovala due to excessive thinness and disproportionate figure.
After the end of the biological Faculty of Donetsk National University girl began working as a teacher of biology in high school. But Anna noticed that pedagogical activity it is not inspiring. But the future champion in their spare time nursed Nikolaev Zoo animals. Anna realised that she summoned pets the most positive emotions. Good hearted girl vykarmlivala young predators, after horses were abandoned. Animal care required tremendous stamina and physical strength, so Anna started to train intensively.
Sport has become a major hobby in life this woman-Anna seriously took up Powerlifting. Pedagogical career has been completed.
The most powerful woman in Ukraine and the world2
For 6 years, Anna Kurkurina become the strong woman not only in Ukraine, but also in the whole world. To date, the heroine of history holds the world record in the bench press (weight 75 kilograms).
For active improvement of her body Anna does not forget about those who dream about the perfect shape. The woman works as a Director of the fitness club Bagira” (Nikolaev).
The most powerful woman in Ukraine and the world3
She conducts trainings and provides advice to people who want to be strong, healthy and slim.
A woman could not afford to skirts and dresses, because her body looks very courageously. Anna’s favorite clothestracksuit. However, people who personally know champion, noted her kindness, charm, softness and tenderness, peculiar present Lady.
The 41 year Anne gave birth to a son. He often spends time in the gym with her mother.



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