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The most luxurious hostel students

Almost every man in her life came across campus. Or himself lived while studying, or spent time with family and friends. In General, everyone knows what it is.
But in Denmark, in the new area of Copenhagen, is a luxurious residence with incredible amenities. Such a building and obŝagoj call language just doesn’t turn. Tietgen campus is a residential, rounded shape, the building, which has a huge yard. It was built in 2006 year. This square building is very impressive26 800 square meters. It has 7 floors and cozy are 360 rooms. The building itself is of cylindrical shape and it intersects five vertical lines. These lines are designed to ensure that the building is visually divided into sections transitions from which you can get into the central courtyard. The hostel itself is lined with red brass, as well as oak. And here is the inside of the building floor consists of magnesite, a wall of concrete with Birch plywood.
Tietgen campus
However, not only looks attractive. Inside you will find a reading room where students can engage in freely, scanner, copier. There is still a room equipped with computers with printer. Each room occupies 2633 square meters. And 30 rooms have two bedrooms. These special rooms made specially for couples. These bedrooms occupy an area of 45 square meters. The layout is the same in all rooms. In each room there is a huge window, bath and toilet. About 60 rooms appear to be Exchange students.
Tietgen campus3
So does this magnificent building has 30 dishes, i.e. 1 kitchen for 12 rooms. Each kitchen is equipped with 2 electric hobs, fridge, 4 very spacious dining rooms. Of course, there are all necessary for cooking utensils.
And of course, there’s a huge gym, where you can not only exercise, but play ping pong and even basketball. There is just no rest rooms, and a small Auditorium, music room with equipment.



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