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The main laws of life

Regardless of our desire, life sometimes dictates its own rules and laws. But despite this, everyone has the right to decideto put up with these laws or not. But, as they say, ignorance is no excuse. We are responsible for what happens in our life and themselves are responsible for their decisions.
1. the law neutral position

To change your life and the direction of it, the most important thing that you must do is take and stay. Gogol here is that at one time wrote about this law: God no wonder stopped the man exactly at the place where it is located. You just need to look around yourself.

2. the law mirrors

Think about the fact that our world is one huge mirror. Take a look around and you with absolute clarity realize what you seek and where this should learn. Because, in fact, our world is neither evil nor good. To man the world indifferent. Absolutely everything that happens to a man, is simply a reflection of his actions and thoughts.

3. choice of Law

Our lives, where we live, is nothing but the result of our choice, and conscious and unconscious. Throughout life we make choices. Choice is always there. Even in those moments when it seems to us that we make no choice, this is also a choice. Jean-Paul Sartre once, then said: I can always make a choice, but I have to be sure that even when I’m not picking anything, I hereby make a choice”.

4. the law of contagion

Aware that people do not control their thoughts, but thoughts control man. For example, a slight concern on any matter, with frightening ease can escalate into a phobia. It is very important to learn to control the flow of thoughts and switch to something else. If a person constantly thinks about their experience, it could start a chain reaction that could attract into our lives other negative events and thoughts. Learn how to act and not just thinking, take in the habit of solving problems rather than worry about them, and you have a chain reaction. That’s what thought Benjamin Franklin: a lot of people think about the protection, rather than to focus their thoughts on the possibilities. Such people are more afraid of life than death. “

5. the law limited

Everyone knows that just cannot provide. Everyone hears and sees only what he can accept and understand. The way we perceive depends on how we internally are limited. As much as people do not like, he is not in a position to fully control what happens in his life. But do not forget that if the event happened once is a fluke, if it happened two times is a coincidence. If three is a regularity. If life in this way tries to teach you-learn.

6. the Act void

Everything begins with emptiness. But don’t forget that emptiness is always filled. In order to make our lives happened something new or appeared someone new, you should free up space and prepare good ground. And for this there is no need to put a lot of effort is enough to get rid of old habits and false beliefs of life. Jim Rohn said: If you’re not happy where you aredepart! You’re not a tree! “

7. the law of similarity


As is well known, like attracts like. If you realize that there are no coincidences in our lives and nothing happens, it will change for the better. In our life happens only what we ourselves comply with thoughts, intentions, and expectations. Lao Tzu once said: “pay attention to your thoughts, because they are the beginning of acts.
8. the Act taxi

A person can be anywhere, because it is not we choose the route of our lives. But if we take too long to move on someone else’s path, then on your way then it is very difficult to come back. This one statement: “human life is very similar to running dog sledding. If you are not a leader, your landscape will never change. “

9. law of energy exchange

The more a person develops, the more it opens opportunities that he can take from the world, as well as give others. But never forget that the Exchange should always be equal. If you give more than you take, be sure that this will break your own balance and lead to emotional exhaustion.

10. law of equilibrium

Almost nobody likes change. If you need to change, usually it meets resistance, so as to place us keeps only the old and the past. It is very important to be able to let go of the past and a new life, without a doubt, to obey the law. These changes are not Light ever. A person is able to change only when it has to change. “

The main laws of life1

11. Law of development
Usually, the most important task in our life those which we strongly avoid. But understand that sooner or later will have to take a decision. The longer you wait, the harder it will be circumstances which require solutions.
12. the Act of thinking
Remember that the idea is material. All those things which we think, what we are most afraid of and what dream, necessarily manifested in real life. In fact, the man is what his thoughts throughout the day.
13. law of barrier
Future opportunities are not given. They appear only when we accept an internal solution. Mentally step your way barrier as imaginary and conditional obstacle. The power of your intention to open pathways for the realization of the plan. There is no such desire, to which you do not have enough forces. Naturally, this should make some efforts. “
14. the law boards
It’s no secret that all have to pay. But for action and inaction price is absolutely different. Generally, omission person go much more expensive. You don’t become happier from that try to avoid errors. If you deliberately pull with the adoption of the decision, then you have already decided to leave everything in their places.
15. The law of cause and effect
Whatever happens in our lives is a result not only of our actions and our thoughts. In those moments when something goes wrong, as we would like, don’t try to find the cause in the outside world. Look for it inside himself. Emerson once said: «Limited people wholeheartedly believe in luck, strongin cause and effect.
16. The law of adoption
The man did not know about what is correct and what is not. In the same way as do not know which of life’s paths is correct and what is not. Confidence in determines how we trust our lives. As they say, what we are waiting for, respectively, and receive. If you set up yourself that everything has been done for the better, then so be it.
17. Law of harmony
A man full of happiness always something lacking. Few can be satisfied with little. Even harder to make himself contented lot. You can get all the desired, while the stay without a soul. Generally, we look for happiness outside rather than inside. Gain full harmony means to accept yourself and love. The main task of the human life is gaining life for himself. Man must become what he potentially is. The most important fruit of human effort is self.
18. the law requests
If we don’t we will ask of life, then nothing will get. You ask for and get the desired. Reality attracts nothing but our requests. But first you have to find out their secret desires.
19. The law of attraction
Our life is designed in such a way that it is always able to reciprocate. People could easily get what he wants. The more you spend time thinking, the more they tighten certain events in your life. Aristotle said: “man gets what he expects.
20. the law of change
Life will never change if nothing is done. If you want change, then get ready to take full responsibility for everything that is happening to you. Become a steering their own destiny and move in the selected direction. For a human wind will never be fair, if he does not know what the Marina lies his way.”



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