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The largest whale in the world

The largest whale in the world and incredibly huge size mammal living in the waters of the planetso you do not hesitate to call blue whale, which is not surprising, since in our days more huge naval representatives Kingdom simply does not exist. Its size and weight of this animal can truly amaze. Let’s find out how heavy the largest whale in the world, and what are its features


Blue whale: dimensions and characteristics


Adult length can grow up to 34 meters. The weight of the big whale can reach over 200 tons. But incredibly impressive even internal organs of this mammal: the weight of the heart can reach up to 700 kg, tongue weighs up to 4000 kg. It is worth noting that the weight of the tongue of a mammal is comparable with the weight of the Indian elephant. Despite the word “blue” in the name of the animal, its color rather grey with a bluish tint. A blue animal appears when it is seen through the seawater. A little more light compared to the rest of the surface of the body of a mammal is its fins and belly

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The largest whale in the world have a poor sense of smell and the same vision that makes them communicate using sound signals. To the sound of a blue whale was heard it “sorodičem”, the message must be at least twenty Hertz. This allows blue whales do not hear each other a distance of 800 km. If the mammal will sound with the desired power, is unlikely to be heeded by those who designed the signal. These whales are able to gain a considerable amount of water in the mouth-it’s all thanks to the ventral pleats. Another feature of the blue whale is a life in solitude. Typically, these mammals do not like form herds. However, sometimes it may be collected in a few groups (2-3 Kita). Larger clusters of this animal is still possible, but only in those places where there is a lot of poop. But under such circumstances, the blue whales from each other somewhat in isolation.


In everyday life, a blue whale swims in the deep sea at a speed of about 25 km/h, but if you want to run off from the dangers that the mammal‘s movement speed can reach up to 50 km/h. But the movements of this species is rather slow and quite clumsy. These mammals from other cetaceans differs less maneuverability. Despite the fact that these animals have a lot on our planet, their life still has not been thoroughly researched. But scientists absolutely sure that blue whales are engaged in a daily way of life. This output from the fact that the living blue whales off the California coast at night do not issue any movements.


Meet these whales can and in cold and warm waters. On this factor mammals are divided into several subspeciesNorthern, southern and dwarf. The first two species inhabit the cold polar seas, and dwarf are inhabitants of tropical seas. In any ocean in the world can be found this representative of cetaceans. There are even of the opinion that some individuals prefer to live in the area of Equator. However, to follow the movements of the largest China virtually impossible.

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Blue whale diet includes plankton, small fish, crayfish, namely everything that exists in the place where they live. The day the blue whale is absolutely easy to swallow at least three tons of food. The teeth of this mammal there, but has a moustache, which represent some semblance of brushes or lot sizes of screens. Using such devices is able to percolate in the whale‘s mouth water, trapping food. Eat this huge human marine animal not under force, so people practically no mammal is dangerous. But the mustachioed Keith still can cause harm to humansit can turn the average size of vessel, just hitting it by accident.


Sexual maturity females of this mammal comes to ten years. The offspring she gives two years once it has hatched hatchling, with almost 12 months. Hatchling has introduced nearly three tons in weight and in length it can be up to seven metres. Newborn grows very quickly, and, in General, blue whales can live up to 100 years. However, not all representatives of this species unable to live up to this age-in our time, their population is destroyed for industrial purposes with incredibly high speed. But not only people plays an important role in the destruction of this kind-mammal becomes a victim and other inhabitants of the sea. Despite its huge size, the young whale can be attacked killer whales, which are capable of breaking China and eat it. With killer whale attack in packs-this case was recorded, for example, in 1979, the year when a flock of killer whales added to its ration of meat of a young representative of the largest mammals



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