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The largest jellyfish in the world

Marine habitat Wednesday is completely different from ours. This world is fraught with a multitude of creatures beyond the understanding of ordinary things. Take, for example, jellyfish. This ancient kind exists on the planet more than 600 million years ago, and some copies have learned to grow to incredible proportions. The largest jellyfish in the world is the lion’s mane jellyfish. Occurs throughout the Atlantic and Pacific, but the largest instances caught in the Arctic. The reason for this is the lack of food in cold water, which leads to late sexual maturation and, accordinglygiantism.
This is a photo on the Internet met many. It certainly shows the lion’s mane jellyfish, only human ratio and jellyfish are here corrected Photoshop. The most awesome jellyfish in the world was thrown on the coast of the Massachusetts Bay in 1870 year. Its length was 36.5 meters high and the diameter of the Bell 2.3 meters.
The largest jellyfish in the world
In this regard, the lion’s mane jellyfish rightly bears the title, “yet the longest jellyfish in the world and is considered the longest animal planet because its main competitorblue whale reaches only 33 meters. Her other titles Arctic lion’s mane or lion’s mane jellyfish. This diskomeduza (8coal), opaque. In Latin, its name means “blue hairy Medusa, while during adulthood it more colorful it is dominated by Brown, red and yellow tones. And here is a young lion’s mane jellyfish is usually orange.
Ordinary instances with a diameter of about 2 meters and a length of tentacles around 20. The body of a jellyfish is an inverted Bell with blades. From its interior, which have tentacles go cianei very much at each corner of the dome are in the range of up to 150 pieces that don’t get sucked inside, and always ready to kill the victim. In the Center there is the mouth, which is both a vydelitel′nym hole. And move the jellyfish reactive way. Lion’s mane jellyfish inhabits surface waters at depths of up to 20 meters. It is a predator that uses its tentacles as lovchej networks, where the ends of the strekatel′nyh cells sacrifice expects a fairly strong poison. For small fish, it is fatal for larger animals leaves large damage.
In humans the biggest jellyfish Ocean can cause allergies, burn, but not death. The story “lion’s mane Conan Doyle where in contact with two people dying, it is the artistic invention. And besides a rare diver will float in the Arctic without a wetsuit protecting from the cold. Interestingly, getting in more southern latitudes, lion’s mane jellyfish never grow more than a meter. At a meeting with her in the warm waters of the unprotected man enough to wipe the place of contact with vinegar.
The life cycle of this Jellyfish is rather peculiar. It consists of polipoidnogo (attached to the bottom) and meduzoidnogo types. The largest jellyfish consist of male and female individuals. Males through the mouth spit out sperm into the sea, a ripened where they fall to females in the mouth of the blade. After a few days the larva degenerates into a polyp, which fixate on the rocks or plants. It will grow, eat and can even reproduce by budding (asexually). And in the spring the transformation completes striker jellyfish that float freely and a small octagonal star.
Hunt jellyfish groups so they easier to surround a shoal of fish or plankton. Among this type of jellyfish distributed — with a major case of cannibalism jellyfish can swallow smaller siblings. Natural enemies cianejturtles, birds and large fish will never miss such a tidbit of production.



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