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The highest temperature in the world

On Earth there are countries and cities, which recorded the highest temperature. With the highest temperature on earth can be installed both nature and man was able to contribute to this indicator.
The highest average annual temperature
Such specialists was emphasized throughout the 6 years from 1960. in 1966. on the volcanic crater, located in the Dallol Ethiopia. The temperature of the crater kept an average of about + 34 degrees. But this place is different because for almost a year the temperature is about 34 degrees above zero. The diameter of the crater equals about 1.5 m and are the “Gates of hell” (as the locals call them) above sea level on forty-eight yards. Stay here for a long time almost impossible. But nearby indigenous inhabitants who are not too wordy, but yet incredibly aggressive
The highest mark on a thermometer: in 20 century
the highest temperature
In 1917 year, Death Valley in America happy incredibly high fever for forty-three days in a row. Heating of the air reached the mark in almost 49 degrees above zero. As many as six months from 1923 to 1924. in Western Australia the inhabitants lived at an average temperature of + 32 c. And the maximum mark on the thermometer: was also almost + 49 degrees.
The highest temperature in the world was registered in 1922. in El Azizia (Libya). The city, which in September was shadow + 58 above zero resides above sea level to an altitude of 11 meters. The same temperature was mark on the same day and in Saudi Arabia. That is why both of these places on the planet as the best hot in the universe.
The highest mark on a thermometer: in our century Incredibly pleased with the highest temperature Libyan desert Dasht-ILut, where in 2005. the thermometers was mark in 70 degrees above zero. In a completely natural conditions such temperature documented only in this time and this place.
At such temperature heat up objects so that you can without any cooking devices. For example, on the hood of a car that simply replacing the plate. And in the shadows at this temperature, the air warms up to +60 degrees. That’s why going barefoot is unlikely someone will want to, and make it simply impossible, otherwise you can get burns. Despite the incredibly high mark on the thermometer: Here you can lock, desert rides a huge number of tourists wanting to see polukilometrovye at the height of the dunes. The highest temperature was recorded in Russia in 2010, when nationwide faced the abnormal heat. In Volgograd and Tambov average summer temperature was 41 degrees above zero.
the highest temperature3
The highest artificially created temperature
The highest temperature in the universe created by human hands, equals ten trillion degrees. It is this low, according to scholars, accompanies the process of creation of our universe. And in our time have received such neveroâtnejšuû temperature in the large Hadron Collider in 2010. See record mark on a thermometer: scientists have due to the fact that the experienced lead ions accelerated to near light speed. The highest temperature exponent artificial plan also managed to get Americans who put experiments on collision of gold ions. In this test, the scientists got the temperature which amounted to four trillion degrees. To understand how high the temperature, you can just see What is the core temperature of the Sun-a is it fifty million degrees. Here, we can conclude that the scientists obtained a substance that supports the highest temperature of only a few seconds, has a few dozen times more heat than natural temperature on sunny kernel.
The highest temperature it happens not only in different places of the planet, but also in humans. Temperature over forty two degrees leads to fatal human. But in 1980. one 52-year-old American surged to 46.5 degrees Celsius temperature. However, he does not diedoctors successfully cured and discharged from hospitals after 24 days of treatment.



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