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The all-seeing “Eye of the Earth”

Strange “eyeon the Earth’s surface for the first time saw the astronauts in the year 1982, when looked at our planet from outer space. Prior to that, the existence of anomalies on the territory of the Sahara desert (in Moorish part of it) no one knew, because “Okoas much as 50 km in diameter and it can only be seen from a considerable height.
Rishat structure, or as it is referred to as the “eye of Sahara”, perfectly round, causing controversy about its origin and now
So, one of the first was the theory that the artifact appeared as a consequence of the fall of the meteorite on Earth. But that theory quickly refuted because the bottom structure is perfectly smooth and if it had been a fingerprint of the meteorite, the bottom would be in the form of a concave hopper.
The all-seeing Eye of the Earth1
According to another theory, this crust, which for unknown reasons, rose, while soil over this place gradually destroyed.
To date, the most likely theory education structure Rishat remains the allegation that this volcano crater, which was modified for a long time.
It is also interesting that Oku Sahara” not a lot, not a little, and 600 million years. Due to age, some believe that Guell Al-Rishat is surviving proof of the existence of Atlantis, others argue that this unusual art of alien origin.
And while scientists can’t explain what this strange phenomenon on the surface of the Earth, the structure became a landmark Rishat Mauritania. And in the closest village to “Sahara” Oku Vadane, throughout the thriving tourist business: most of the inhabitants work as guides and will gladly show you the pride of the desert and the legends associated with Guell-erRishat.



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