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Su Chung Tai – soap artist

This artist is famous worldwide. Talent Soo Chung Taya is that it creates an installation, not like many others: it uses SOAP bubbles.
Aûmok Knom, correspondent from Istanbul, is extremely interested in such work. So: he saw on YouTube a video that made Studio Kuma Films. I must say that for a few days the video viewed by thousands of Internet users. It is from the video became known the name of the person who is doing just an incredible with fragile, familiar to everyone since childhood, soap bubbles.
Su Chung Tai - soap artist1
A talented artist not only juggles bubbles and joins them. For greater effect, Soo Chung Tai uses smoke, lighting effects and gloves. All together it creates a terrific show. But there’s no magic here, everything has a scientific explanation. Here is what says about this artist himself: you just have to learn fluently several laws of physics and you try your best in this art even me.”
Su Chung Tai - soap artist2
A correspondent reports that Su Chung‘s career began with conventional magician, speaker at children’s parties. But for a short period of time his fame has spread far beyond the borders of his native land. Now he’s touring with his magnificent show worldwide. Gawk at wondrous spectacle fans come from all corners of the globe. Aûmok Knom writes that Soo Chung Tai even got into the Guinness Book of records, not once. The first time it was noted due to the fact that he was able to create matryoshka” from 15 bubbles. Then he created a SOAP chain, which included 30 balls.



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