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Snow and Ice Festival: indescribable beauty!

Chinese city Harbin millionaire every year becomes popular among foreigners, and that’s because every winter festival offers stunningly beautiful and realistic sculptures made of snow and ice.
Snow and Ice Festival indescribable beauty
Winter holiday spend in Harbin from 1963 onwards, but over the next 20 years tradition sometimes violated, although since 1985 year Festival is organized annually. And in the year 2001 in Harbin hold not only the Festival of ice sculptures, but also event devoted to skiing.
Snow and Ice Festival indescribable beauty1
The weather conditions of the city, located in NorthEastern China, most favorable for making exhibits made of ice and snow. In January the temperature in Harbin reaches 35degrees of frost.
Snow and Ice Festival indescribable beauty2
This year 32th Harbin ice and snow sculpture Festival, and he runs out February 25, 2016 onwards.
Town square sculptures and winter attractions equals 500m thousands square meters.
This year, people who visit the amazing feeričnoe event, will see about 2 ‘s thousands of magnificent ice sculptures, created by masters from all over the world.
Snow and Ice Festival indescribable beauty3
Guests can also go skiing and bathing in the Glade of the river Sungari.
Ice and snow festival in Harbin, which resembles a real fairy tale, is one of the 4-th largest winter holidays around the world.
Similar events have been held annually in Canada, Japan and Norway.



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