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Seoul – the most peaceful city in the world

Under the Accord, which is recognized as the most troubled city in the world, hiding underground city. It’s a kind of looking glass. The underground city is a huge metropolis, which develops medical, trade and restaurant business. Seoul Metro is visited every day by five million people. Women of retirement age elegantly dressed and easily own gadgets, inaccessible to the understanding of our seniors. The statistics says that every other representative of the fairer sex in Seoul regularly visiting plastic surgeons. It is also worth noting that the biggest in the World-Evangelical community in Seoul. It consists of one million people.
Seoul - the most peaceful city in the world1
To keep up with the frantic rhythm of the city, the Koreans use the kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) and ginseng. Yes and the dream they can devote no more than 4:00 per day. One of the most popular quiet entertainment in Seoul is the silent disco. Visitors dancing to music, sound through headphones.



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