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Salt rooms

Salt roomimitation natural hydrochloric caves. Its medicinal properties have been known since ancient times. They share a microclimate, which is reconstituted air mountain dungeons or sea air.
This cave or room is a small room from six squares having the ceiling, walls and floor. Paul such caves fronted with natural salt tabs or blocks. Such salt rooms it is possible to arrange in kindergartens, health spas and even in homes. This area houses an area health, where you will be able to breathe freely and easily. Installation of this cave is possible almost anywhere and use it almost everywhere, as it is quite easy to maintain. The cost of construction of such places will depend on the thickness of the salt blocks, design of the room, its size and how much it is additional devices.
salt rooms
The use of such room specialists have long known. If is in a room allows you to get rid of diseases such as bronchitis, heart diseases, neurosis, asthma, allergic diseases and so on. Bactericidal action and presence of submicron aerosol salt protects the airway. Same promotes allocation of liquid in inflammatory diseases. They translate a dry cough in the wet, and then coughs and stops altogether. Even improves respiratory function that leads to the normalization of metabolic function of the lungs.
What health effects are expected from the salt room?
Metabolic processes in the body.
Treatment of chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma.
Your body’s immunity to various aspiratornym diseases.
Removed soon stress treated neurosis, chronic fatigue syndrome disappears.
Promotes treatment of various allergic reactions.
Treatment of skin diseases.



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