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Sacro Bosco – “The Garden of Monsters” in Italy

In our view Park is a walk on a warm evening, cheerful children’s laughter and singing of birds in the morning. But here in the middle ages people valued solitude and reflection. Park Sacro Bosco created Duke of Pier Francesco Orsini. It is located in the town of Bomarzo. This place is known as “Garden of beasts”.
The wife of the Duke died before the completion of their Castle in the year 1546. Orsini decided to honor the deceased to create a park, in which he invested the entire soul. Pier Francesco called the Park “a wondrous garden, but with Italian title translates as” Sacred forest “.

Sacro Bosco - The Garden of Monsters in Italy2

Sacro Bosco fill various mythical creatures, carved out of rock. Among the many statues can be seen “stone” battle of the Titans, head of Protea, as well as a variety of animals found in mythology. Here and the son of the God of the seas and oceans, Netpuna, elephant, that eats humans. You can also found the dog, striker on the Dragon. All the sculptures are hidden tragic story of lovers — Duke and his late wife.

The most famous attraction is considered to be the grotto, executed in the form of the head of the Queen of hell Orco. It often tourists are hiding from the scorching sun. It is worth noting that this Grotto there is one interesting property: said it is impossible to leave in secret-echo carries the words around the Sacro Bosco.

Sacro Bosco - The Garden of Monsters in Italy3

And most original structure, no doubt, can be considered “a falling house”. Inside, everyone, without exception, are beginning to feel not only dizziness, but nausea. Those who will not stop the malaise, get up to the second floor. And from here you can enjoy beautiful views of the entire Park.

At the very beginning of the construction was planned as a wedding gift, but the realization of planned took more than three decades. To translate his dream into reality, Duke invited p. Ligorio, architect of the 16th century. Initially, the existence of mythical creatures are not planned, just wonderful lanes and beautiful fountains. But the death of spouses gave rise to life mythical beings.

Sacro Bosco - The Garden of Monsters in Italy5
After the death of the Duke, his legitimate heirs were not able to take care of in a dignified manner befitting Sacro Bosco. As a consequence, nature took things into their own hands: the Park was overgrown and acquired potustoronne-sinister look. This was the beginning of a new name-“Garden of beasts”.



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