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Robin Hood – a myth or a real person

In historical chronicles šestisotletnej limitations can detect only a brief mention of the eponymous prohodimce, promyšlâvšem in the forests of Central England. The first information that Robin was hosting in the forests and heathland in England belong to the year 1261. But in written sources about him was first mentioned only a century later. Did this Scottish historian Fordun, died in the year 1386. The following message about Robin Hood in Chronicles refers to the sixteenth century. According to the chronicler John Stow, it was the robber times Richard reign 1. He was the head of the gang, which includes hundreds of brave rogue. They are all well owned by bow and arrow. While they hunted ripoff, Robin Hood “still prevent harassment or other violence against women. He didn’t touch the poor, giving them everything selected from devotees and noble rich men “. In documents recorded that the famous robber was born in 1290 and was named Robert Hood. In the old registers are given three options for writing the names: the year Gode and Hood. But no one disputes the origin of Robin: he was Earl Warren holopom. In 1322 Robin moved in service to a new host, Sir Thomas, count Lankasterskomu.

Robin Hood a myth or a real person

When Graf led a revolt against King Edward II, Robin, as well as other servants of count had no other choice but to obey the master and take up arms. But the uprising was crushed, and Robin found the perfect refuge in Sherwood Forest, deep in the territory of Yorkshire. Sherwood Forest occupied an area of 25 square miles and is adjacent to Yorkshire. Through Sherwood Forest Barnsdejlskij and was held by the Romans laid the great North Road, which was busy traffic. This attracted a rogue-robbers. Thus was born the legend of Robin Hood, the man in green, the colour of the forest, clothes. Closest Assistant Robin was Baby John, presumably not cheerful and morose and very vulnerable guy. Most likely, it was called the baby as a joke, because he was pretty tall. This is revealed when, in 1784 the year opened his tomb in the Hejzersejdže and found the bones of a very tall man. With regard to the Toucas brother, opinions diverge about it. Some believe that this legendary character combines the features of two thick monks, others believe that indeed was such a cheerful person, liked to have fun and small villages in the company. Perhaps it was Robert Stafford, a priest from Sussex (early 15th century), who sometimes wrote under the pseudonym brother Toucas participated in adventures of a cheerful gang. Maid Marian as a character also fits well in theory, according to which an image of Robin appeared out of folk tales about the traditional holiday folk music and games in May. Marian just might be the girl chosen for beauty “Queen of may”.

Robin Hood. Original artwork for Look and Learn (issue yet to be identified).
Robin Hood. Original artwork for Look and Learn (issue yet to be identified).

The legendary adventures of Robin Hood in the famous forest ended approximately in the year 1346. It is believed that he died in the monastery of Kerklesskom after a serious illness. Prioress healed Robin abundant krovopuskaniâmi, resulting in weakened and ravaged, he was never able to recover from the ailment. Exhibition Director “Legends of Robin Hood” Nottangeme Graham Black believes: “we have come close to discovering the true identity of Robin. According to black, the real story of Robin Hood began in 1261 year when Berkshire was outlawed by William, son of Robert Smith. Judicial clerk, who wrote a Decree named him William Robingudom. Found and other court documents which mention people by name Robinhood, most of them criminals. Therefore, the researchers believe that if Robin Hood actually existed, he likely acted before that time. The most likely candidate for this dubious role, according to Graham black, is Robert year denizen of the Archbishopric of York, who escaped justice in the year 1225. Two years later, he is mentioned in written documents as Hobhod. Regarding Robin Hood Professor Holt writes: “It was absolutely not the way described. He wore a hat similar to the monastic hood. Absolutely no evidence that he robbed the rich to give money to the poor. These fabrications legend grows with through two hundred and more years after his death. And when he became a notorious maroderom “



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