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Port Aventura – the best thematic park in Europe

This place is popular entertainment theme park, located about an hour’s drive from Barcelona. Port AventuraSpanish Park, which is the best in the whole of Europe, and the only theme park of such magnitude. The place is divided into several zones, to be exactfor six on all parts of the world, and each of them has a unique attraction.
The Mediterranean. This part is the main area around the Park. It is located directly at the entrance to the Park. There are only two rides, but there are plenty of shops, shops with souvenirs and restaurants that allow you to plunge into the real city of Catalonia, located on the shore of the sea. In July and August on the open lake for tourists arrange unforgettable show with Fireworks and gambling events.
Furious Baco is the most popular attraction of the Mediterranean. In just 3.5 seconds it develops speed of 135 km/h. Before the trip, it is advisable to put the entire contents of pockets, because there is a good chance of losing their property. Tourists should know that on the rides there are height restrictions: minimum 1.4 m; maximum-1.95 m.

Port Aventura - the best thematic park in Europe1

The second attraction-Boat events. Visitors float on the Lake in a special boat and get to the next part of the Port Aventura theme parkWild West.
In this part of the park there are many different attractions. There is a spirit of the Wild West: houses, picturesque landscapes, music, etc. Many tourists make photo memory game, forcing his head into a noose hanging.
Of special interest are such attractions as: Stampidarace on trolleys with a parallel route; Grand Canyon Rapidsjourney through the mountain river on the cylinder; Silver River Flumeanother water attraction, featuring a journey along the River with sharp altitudes; Tomahawka roller coaster of wood on a single trolleys.
The next part of the Port AventuraMexico. This area attracts lovers of Mexican cuisine. But visitors to attract not just tacos and Burrito, but the famous attraction called Flying Condor whose height is 100 meters. Of them, 86 meters of free fall. Located in the Tower elevator on cables. With the peaks offer beautiful views of the entire Park. But as soon as the elevator rises to the highest point, cabin with passengers collapses in freefall to the base of the tower.
Port Aventura - the best thematic park in Europe2
Yet we recommend you to visit the attraction El DiabloTren de la Mina. This is another roller coaster without sharp differences of heights with quite a long route. Will not leave you indifferent and the famous fire show Templo Del Fuego, which is held in the Temple of fire.
China. This area is a real ChinaTown. The most exciting attraction is the Dragon Khan. It develops speed up to 100 km/h and carries tourists to 8 loops. By the way, the total length of the route is 1269 meters! And in the year 2012 in Port Aventura opened another attraction is not for the faint of heart: Shambhala.
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This is the fastest attraction throughout Europe and he beats three records: firstly, its height is 76 meters; Secondly-the free fall equal to 78 meters; Thirdly, the first downhill at speeds in the attraction 134 km/h.
Another part of the ParkPolynesia. When compared with all other zones of the Park, Polynesia is the quiet. It is framed in the form of a real jungle: tourists can taste national cuisine, take a ride on the most tranquil fairground Aventura and enjoy a show featuring Polynesian natives. Among the many attractions we can mention Cinema 4 d “sea Odyssey“: the session is held in the submarine, which sends viewers to the ocean bottom. Another attraction is the Tutuki Splash. This unusual boat route which passes through the caves.
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And finally-Sesame. This part is intended for the youngest guests of the Park. Here will find what to do even the children three years: fish that can be managed, free fall, airplanes, carousel and many other diverse entertainment. Let’s put it this way: no child will not be bored.



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