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Petra – the lost city of Jordan

When ceased to exist the ancient Nabataeans, after myself it still left a trail, namely his capital called Peter. This ancient city built by the dynasty of Nabattinov. UNESCO has decided to make the ancient capital to the list of heritage sites around the world, as Peter is one of the ancient wonders of the world.
The city is carved directly into the rock. Jordan now resides at the same place where previously existed Nabataeans. Get into this ancient place is not difficult: it is enough to drive from the city of Amman 262 kilometers, that in time will only take a few hours.
The name of the capital was not accidental. If you translate the word “Peter from Greek, then get “Rock. Wadi Musa is such a title is the area where, in fact, is located the ancient capital.
Peter - the lost city of Jordan1
In order to get to Petra, walk several kilometers, with pass Gorge Sik. Such a narrow pass reliably defended the city and its inhabitants. Residents of the capital earned either trafficking or robbery.
If you decide to visit the city of Petra, is brought to your attention a stunner: a variety of religious buildings in honour of pagan deities, fountains, an amphitheater, tombs of rich and famous people and many other cultural buildings. As well preserved Palace called ElHaznè, which will surely attract your attention. The Arabic name means “the Treasury” and it’s the same for a reason. The fact that Peter was a very rich city.
Main street stretches across the entire city. And the main area differs quite large size. Many years have passed, and Peter has been forgotten by people for centuries, until it was discovered by archaeologists.
Peter - the lost city of Jordan
Interesting fact: rocks, of which cut capital, at different times of the day has a certain color. Watching the rocks, you can see all shades of red. It is this spectacle attracts tourists. Throughout the city there are a couple of hundred tours, so any whim of the tourists will be satisfied.



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