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Passage du Gois – road that sinks

Transport arteries, which are buried in water and dirt, it is unlikely that today someone will be surprised, because due to natural disasters within just one year more than 1000 flooded roads on different continents of the world.
But the road, which will be discussed in this article, really unusual. Passage du Gois (Passage du Gua) is not just another trail, created by man for comfortable movement, is created by the nature itself. It is situated in France and connects the Mainland with the island of Noirmoutier States (“black monastery”), passing through the Gulf of Burn′ëf.
The history of this unusual phenomenon goes in the 1st millennium BC. According to the Chronicles, while on Noirmoutier was the prison. Once it was placed the prisoners of Norman, and what was the surprise of the authorities when it was discovered that they had disappeared. The cause of the disappearance of recognized escape from the island, perfect for sand spit, reclaimed two currents. Then, in the year 834, was first mentioned this nature created by road. Until then, the only way to get to the island were considered as boats.
Later, spit was used as a land route to the island. And already in the year 1701 is a natural phenomenon was mapped as a full path by land from the Vendée (Department in France) to Noirmoutier. Over time, the natural way reinforced stone slabs, steel ride on horseback, later-on cars.

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The peculiarity of this road is its operating mode: she virtually round the clock stays under water, large depth (from 2 to 4 meters). And only morning and evening tides give opportunity to pass or drive on the Passage du Gois. Unique road and its length is 4.5 km, which at 1.7 km long road the miracle of Moses in South Korea.
Its popularity among tourists unusual road has received for many reasons. Firstly, it is a kind of attraction: If you wait too long to get on land during the then rapidly found water will make you very quickly get on specially equipped Tower. These towers serve as rescue islets for those tourists who do not pay attention to the huge signs on both sides of the entry on the Passage du Gois. It is these signs indicated the exact time of the staying safe on the road. And for those who can’t get to the beach by car, very unlucky-the water level quickly rises into the Earth machine. Drivers simply fled to the nearest tower. By the way, both sides of the island, and the Mainland side there are special rescue posts where specialists are on duty to help you “stuck” on the towers for tourists to reach land. As usual, the special boat rescuers pull from 3 up to 10-12 such extremes in day.
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The second reason for the popularity Passage du Gois serves the island of Noirmoutier. This small piece of sushi is rich in attractions: Viking castle (Castle is well preserved and now a Museum), huge plantations expensive elite potatoes La Bonnotte (per 1 kg of vegetable in this class are asking from 450 to 600 euros) and even on the island many luxurious villas, which are rented out, and very beautiful landscapes.
Though in 1971 and was built a full-fledged bridge, which allows free travel from island to metrics and vice versa, the passage du Gois remains the most popular road to Noirmoutier.
Interesting fact: Passage du Gois Championship is held annually to run les Foulées du Gois, in 1999 year there took place the famous tour de France.



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