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Pandas are able to love

The Giant Panda is an endangered representative of fauna. For animal data is characterized by a slow reproduction. But recently, scientists have found that if the pandas have the ability to create close emotional connection with partners, they are more likely to mate with them. Did these cute creatures build relationships in the same way as people?
Bamboo bears (pandas) become sexually mature between the ages of 4 to 8 years. Reproductive age lasts up to 20th anniversary of the animals. Pandas breed in the spring. Marriage Games took a little less than a month, however, the possibility of conception, the female appears only for 2 days (and that’s for 2 years!). For one pregnancy, lasting about 4 months, Panda bears, and gives birth to no more than 2x kids.
Pandas are able to love1
Study on characteristics of marriage period bamboo bears, conducted in a specialized reserve city Chengdu (China) from 2012 to 2013 year. Animals involved in a scientific experiment (11 males and 27 females) were placed in enclosures with ideal conditions for habitation and reproduction. Pandas communicate with each other, played, but physical contact were deleted. Each bamboo bear could choose one of the 2-piece proposed by members of the opposite sex. Watching the behavior of pandas biologists were surprised to see that the animals are treated differently to each other. With some Fellows they ladila on the other were not paying attention. There have also been marked by aggressive relationship between pandas. My dislike animals expressed sounds similar to Growl, ignoring and even attempts to attack neponravivšegosâ cousin. Signs of sympathy was a gentle chirping and raised tail. By the end of the experiment, the scientists allowed the bamboo bears season with individuals of the opposite sex.
The result of the
It turned out that couples created on mutual sympathy in 90% of cases were able to reproduce the light healthy offspring. Non-reciprocal feelings allowed detënyšam to be born only in 50% of cases. The pandas, who dislike each other, and not started to mate.
Now breeding pandas is an acute problem. To animals living in captivity, forced to implement ECO. But a recent study has enabled scientists to figure out that normal play pandas need mutual sympathy.



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