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Orchid Garden in Singapore

More recently, ten or fifteen years ago, Orchid was for us a very exotic flower. Yes, and now the situation has not changed much: in flower shops and supermarkets, we often offer just one kind of OrchidPhalaenopsis, but in some floral shops you can find 23 species. And another to flowers acquired bright shades, their “podpaivaût. Not surprisingly, you can buy a bright yellow Phalaenopsis, and when it flowers, rest and bloom with a bang, you find that the flowers are no longer so bright. But there is one place in Singapore, where you’ll get aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of orchids.
Orchid Garden in Singapore1
The national botanical gardens of Singapore there is a special section an Orchid Garden. And only here you can see more than 1000 orchid species and about 2000 their hybrids (and those that are not represented in the garden, you will see on display: only about 600 copies).
Orchid Garden in Singapore2
Flower paradise is located on the highest Hill in the Singapore Botanical Garden and covers an area of more than 3 hectares.
A distinctive feature of the national Garden Orchids from other similar places is its landscaping: zoning by using color range. The idea is very simple: the four seasonsfour completely different compositions of orchids:
This area is easily identified by the dominant bright colors and lively shades of gold, yellow and cream.
Here the main tones are all sorts of shades of red and pink.
Orchid Garden in Singapore3
National Orchid Garden was opened October 20, 1995 year. The Managing Director of the flower of paradise-Mr LEE Kuan Yew, provides free admission for pupils during the first weeks of every school holidays: in March, June, September and November. All other customers are forced to pay about 5 Singapore dollars.



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