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Oil Rocks: City on the high seas

Oil rocks is a town on the high seas, founded in the late 1940 ‘s, analogues of which no longer exists on the planet. In the early 20th century the oil capital of the Russian Empire, Baku was mined here about 50% of oil around the world and 90% of the country’s oil. As stocks in vicinities of Baku dwindled before the Soviets increasingly a question of developing new fields. The crucial decision was taken shortly after the end of WWII is looking for oil in the sea. In the Caspian Sea there was a place that local fishermen called the black stones, about 100 km off the coast of the Apsheron Peninsula. They were rocks, which barely protrude above the surface of the water. In the year 1948 black stones was sent to the geological and exploration group, headed by Minister of petroleum industry By Nicholas Bajbakovym. The conclusion was unequivocal-the oil is. The sea depth at the black stone was only 20 meters so it was decided to build a base on the high seas.

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Springboard served as the old ship “Chvanov, who once served as a haven for borers. The first well at Black rocks was launched a year later, whereupon it immediately became known as oil rocks. Six months later the first ship added six more. So was formed the Center for the future of the village-“the island of seven ships, the ship joined the metal bridges and its first lodges. A total of 16 houses were built in two floors, library, dining room, an infirmary and two power plants. As the number of boreholes, increasingly unfolding housing for drillers and many kilometers of bridges are already quietly moving trucks. At this point the length of the streets of this small town is 350 kilometers. The oil rocks at that time worked in the order of 5000 people, whose life brightened up a bit later-built theater, bakery, lemonade shop and even recreational park.

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Artists here were also not uncommon, priletavšie to raise the morale of drillers. Major changes to the settlement began with the arrival of Khrushchev in 1960 Nikita Sergeevich’s year, which the workers complained about wooden houses reminiscent of more normal barracks. Nikita Sergeevich immediately ordered the construction of a new modern housing. After 10 years of neftyanyye kamni numbered 2 and 3 nine-storey five-storey dormitory. Currently, the village continues to evolve with new modern buildings, a number of memorials, monuments, Museum, a football field and pride Oil stones-“tea house”, which is very popular among the local population, as in the village of acting “dry law”. According to estimates by geologists, with today’s production, oil in deposits of oil stones enough even for the next decade. What will happen when the oil runs out, is unknown, but in any case, the oil rocks will monument that man once again restrained nature by building an entire city on the high seas



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