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Nazca Desert

In ancient times, in the desert of Nazca in Peru, were mysteriously dug huge furrow, with some reaching hundreds of metres long. If you reside on Earth, then understand that it is not possible. But if you look at this inexplicable phenomenon from a bird’s-eye view, your eyes will open huge images of various birds and animals that develop these lines. In the first half of the twentieth century such unusual patterns were detected during flights over the plateau. And only in 1994, they were inscribed on the World Heritage list of UNESCO.
There are a lot of assumptions about the origin of these images, but at the moment none of them has received official confirmation. In some literary sources is that these mysterious strips were indicating the location of the alien landing ships. Such a conclusion was reached not without reason: the sky until the beginning of the 20th century has not been seduced by a man. But the questions still remain: why would alien beings who can travel light years, need runways?
nazka desert
There is a version that the animals and birds are the precursors of many stripes: Trapeze, rectangles and straight lines crossing the more complex shapes, partially začerkivaâ them. The obvious conclusion from this is that painted desert was carried out in two steps.
After the arrangement of the stars in the Nasca was examined along and across, scientists have concluded that the image of a spider diagram was conceived as a gigantic star cluster in the constellation of Orion, and soprâgaûŝiesâ with the figure straight like an arrow. Lines characterize the changing declination of the three stars in Orion’s Belt.
It is also worth noting that the claim that images are visible only from above, is somewhat speculative. According to the results of one of the experiments, determined that the figure can be seen, and standing on the ground. In dug ditches laid the combustible material, and when it is burned, in a windless day smoke formed in the sky image of the drawn shape.



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