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Mysterious Inca

The Incas are one of the peoples of ancient America. As a nation they formed around the XI century a.d. in the Andes. The capital of the Empire was the city of Cusco. In the same century they created its powerful and unique civilization. It lasted until the 16th century. During this relatively short period, they have left us a lot of mysteries, which for centuries excite the minds of the people. Today we will talk about some of them. ELDORADO first Europeans walked on Earth was struck by the wealth of Indians, including the Inca. However, very soon began to spread rumors about the incredible (even for the richest civilizations Indians) quantity of gold in the ancient holy city of several civilizations in South America. Gossip about the Golden City of the Incas began to distribute the Central Americans and the first conquistadors. According to the legend of El Dorado was located on the territory of the Inca Empire. Here steel s″ežatsâ adventurers and adventurers who longed for a quick profit. Those who came in search of the mythical Golden City vypytyvali from local Indians about the whereabouts of Eldorado. But the Indians were silent. Maybe they don’t like to give out the secrets of the Holy City. Or they just don’t have what to say, we don’t know. Modern scholars tend to a second opinion. According to their research, the concept of custom Eldorado

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Chibcha tribe, called “the Golden man” (in Spanish El Dorado). During religious rituals of tribal leader obmazyvalsâ clay, sand and gold jewellery, a real tornado. He and another priest 4 gold were emerging in the middle of the Lake Guatavita. Then, dip into the Lake to wash away with the gold and jewels, and priests threw off the rich offerings in the Lake. For many years Lake Guatavita was turned into a veritable treasure trove. This fact stirred up gossip lovers “and” Lake turned into a giant city full of riches. How this version is correct, no one knows. Perhaps in the future someone will open the Eldorado and proves that the untold riches of the Incas is not a myth. PILE a normal stage in the development of civilization is its own alphabet. Inca civilization have also been writing, and rather peculiar she called quipus. Sodalite writings served as … rope.

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Yes, yes the usual rope ropes connected to other nodes. It would seem, What is mysterious, the scientists will not be difficult to unravel this primitive script. But not everything is so easy. Despite the familiarity with the pile of polutysâčeleltnie scientists have not figured out his code. All because the meaning of a word depends on how long the rope, it colors which nodes are bound to her sides which ropes together. The task is complicated because during the conquest of America, the indigenous population strongly destroyed, and who destroyed the conquistadors defeated the disease also brought them from Europe. Therefore, the person capable to read the quipu, and scientists in the history had no possibility to communicate with such a man. Moreover, now an ancient language of the Incas pozabyt. Because of this, decrypt stack is almost not possible. But times are changing. Who knows, maybe it will be and we discover the secrets of the ancient Incas. Something else in addition to Incas associated other mysterious artifacts and finds, still unsolved modern scientists. This is the secret: the crystal skulls, settlement of Easter Island, the strange megalithic masonry Nazca plateau, and much more.



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