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Museum of detective Sherlock Holmes

About Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson wrote Arthur Conan Doyle. They lived in London, in a House at 221b Baker Street from 1881 to 1904 year. Cabinet detective on this day is in the form in which it was back in the Victorian era.
The building was erected in the year 1815. British authorities announced the House of historical and architectural monument. But with up to 1860 1934 year construction was private property and it was a boarding house. In 1934 year international society named Sherlock Holmes still bought the building.

Museum of detective Sherlock Holmes1

March 27, 1990 year opening of the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Surprisingly, its not a 10 years earlier, as Baker Street is directly connected with the great detective.

Sherlock Holmes people sent letters to the who asking who gratefully. Now, the fans of the famous detective have the opportunity to see firsthand, as Holmes and Watson lived in the Victorian era.
On the ground floor of the Museum is situated small front and even a gift shop. Second floor» room GS Holmes and famous living room. And the third room-Mrs. Hudson and Watson. And here’s the last floor was previously used as a loft, now there are many wax figures of the heroes of the stories about Sherlock.

Museum of detective Sherlock Holmes2

I must say that the situation at the Museum fully complies with the description in the books about Sherlock Holmes. Yes, the wizard worked wonderfully, because elaboration is perfect. The Museum contains exhibits that emphasis was placed in the stories: device for chemical experiments, a hunting whip. Here you can also admire the famous violin Holmes and a Turkish shoe with tobacco, and even army revolver that belonged to Watson. Still can be admired in the living room, Queen Victoria’s monogram “VR” under glass. Its in the “Rite” Mesgrejvov House vystrelâl Sherlock.

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In a room next to the Cabinet was a bedroom. Watson described the Cabinet window which appeared on Baker Street, and on its description, it was very small. It was covered by two large Windows. From the description, we know that there is only one step needed to make Holmes to slide the curtains.

Museum of detective Sherlock Holmes4

In the room there is a lot of Doctor Watson literature, newspapers and photos of that time. And in the room Mrs. Hudson is bronze bust of Sherlock Holmes. Still on its territory, you can review the letters that were addressed to the detective. In the gift shop you can purchase books, pottery, cards, t-shirts, art items, all for the visitors.



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