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Mirages: as you see them?

The scientists, from the point of view of theory, can tell us much about the Mirage Raceway: causes and process of their occurrence, places where they can be seen more often. But in practice few people saw, because order a mirage is simply not possible, their appearance is always unique and unpredictable.
According to Norse mythology, FATA-Morgana sorceress and has lived in the seas and oceans. She loved to create mirages, than constantly confusing for confusing travelers. Each time you return from a long sailing, the sailors told about different illusions and ghosts. Today these phenomena studied and most sophisticated Mirage, accompanied by a complete distortion of objects and terrain, are named in honour of the magicianFATA-Morgana.
Mirages as you see them
In fact, a mirage is an optical illusion that occurs in the air. In a scientific way is a reflection of light between two layers of air with different densities. There are many references to the most common Mirage Raceway with distortion only one subject, such as a puddle, suddenly appeared in the open field or in the desert, but there are also the most complicated vision that saw the whole groups of people simultaneously. So, in the history is the case where multiple people could watch the big cities, which are hung in the air directly above their heads. It is known that the Mirage seen even our ancient ancestors, and the most famous of them is the mirage of Palestine. It saw the Crusaders in the brightest colours, which only you can imagine. And the inhabitants of ancient Egypt believed that mirage is a way long ago disappeared from the face of the Earth, that is, items they once were, and now only from them “ghost” imprint.
Mirages as you see them1
In the mountains in General can be seen near himself, only very distorted and then under certain circumstances are present in the air when standing water vapor. Contrary to general opinion, the clear and bright Mirage does not see in the desert, and in extremely cold areas of the planetin Alaska, for example. This is the most favorite place for mirages, there is even a special people who study this phenomenon and describe them in scientific journals.



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