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Made in China. And you know why?

Each has ever wondered why most companies in Europe are shifting their production to China. Why there? And it is provided that in countries from transferring enterprises and plants people remain without a job and die of various industries. It is widely accepted that China’s meager salary, and as a result, production is much cheaper.
To obtain a good result requires tight control.
And now think about it: what percentage of the cost of any gadget took salaries working conveyor? It’s no secret that a fee, for example, paâût not manually. Also accepted that the Chinese people are industrious and responsible. This is another misconception. They also love Freebies” and lazy, as residents of other countries. To obtain an excellent result on work China needs to “stand with the whip. This is the main reason why the quality of the goods from China is low. In order to remedy the situation, constant monitoring.
And still: why China!

Made in China. And you know why1

For the production of any high-tech product used rare earth metals. For example: in ajpade them, on average, 17 (for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery the tablet used for polishing screen lanthanumcerium). So: 9597% of all rare-earth metals is produced directly in China. But most importantly, it is forbidden to export these metals in its original form, only in the finished product. And the products are made in China.
The whole world is in the hands of China!
As you can see, everything is simple. One cannot understand: how the world allowed such imbalance in the economy. By the way, the Australian company Lynascorp and the American Molycorp woke up and planned to start their own metal extraction. Even if the project begins its life, they still fail to meet productionannual need for searches: 136 thousand tons. But China performs this rule without labour. So outside of China hardly anyone will be able to establish its own production of gadgets and other high-tech toys.
This information raises questions about the balance in the economy. It turns out that China “holds” the whole world …



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