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Kumbali and Kago – amazing story of friendship

Before exploring these two completely different animals in nature had its little tragedies: from one mother, but from another host. Kitten could starve and puppy waiting for a homeless life. And nobody knows how would now have developed a small cheetah and destiny mestizo Labrador puppy, if their lives did not intervene, people.
Today Kumbali (kitten Cheetah) and Kago (Labrador Metis) live in the same cage at the Zoo in San Diego, well ladâ with each other. In nature is not seen ever: wild cat and dog. But the history of this amazing friendship began in the Zoo.


Adult female Cheetah gave birth for the first time: light appear 3 charming little kitten. All staff could not see Zoo babies, but after just 2 weeks on the regular examination by a veterinarian, it turned out that one of the kittens is not growing and not gaining weight. This is a very disturbing guardian animals, who decided to find out what is the cause. What he learned was not pleased: from nipple 8 cats only works 2, stronger kittens repel men′šen′kogo and he ignores feeding, eats kid after brothers (and cats at that time had almost no milk). Then the question became: what to do next?
Zoo staff have decided that you want to pick up one of the kittens and feed it artificially. But who will it be: a larger and stronger kitten or already lagging in the development of the kid? Of course, everyone felt sorry for weak tiny Cheetah, so the choice fell on the.

Kumbali and Kago - amazing story of friendship

Kumbali so named Kitty. Be fed every 3:00 from bottles, heated and cared about him, how would care adult cat. A young Cheetah gained weight and grew, but release it back into the enclosure to the bratikam and mother was too risky: cat could not accept it and even harm. Kumbali was already 1.5 months and he really needed companionship, because these cats are very social.
Then one of the employees invited to do so: take a puppy from a shelter for awhile, if friendsdog will leave, if not will be looking for another animal in the “friendsto Kumbali.

Kumbali and Kago - amazing story of friendship1

History of Kago also did not easy: it was purchased by the landlord, but soon tired of the puppy, and it kicked out into the street. He was scruffy and hungry, when it picked up by volunteers. But shelter, where he had been taken to the Labrador Metis, was not very good glory: the animals failed to attach for a long time, usyplâli.
Meanwhile, the San Diego Zoo staff have lost their legs in search of suitable age were not aggressive to Kumbali. And here they were lucky, the site of one of the shelters appeared very cute picture puppy and very suitable for age. And without their guardian Kumbali upsetpuppy was in a shelter in another State. But because another suitable candidate was not, and the Cheetah, and it required the company, decided to pick up the little yellow Mongrel Labrador. Zoo staff have contacted their State zoosaversmilk
, who agreed to help with the delivery of the animal.
That’s the way he was named Kago at the Zoo, had a quite different world: here it again washed and treated against parasites, he then spent 2 weeks in quarantine, and only then held its first meeting.
Naturally, the initial reaction was negative at the Kumbali Kago, but Labradors are friendly, such that even wild cats endure notjust a few days the young Cheetah is no longer on that puppy and after they became friends.



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