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Know more about your heart

Heart problems of concern to mankind since time immemorial. Just imagine how many songs, poems, poems and novels devoted to the nascent feeling in the heart is love. This article will introduce you to the body, without which man cannot live.
1. Heart to heart.
Note as with you to communicate our smaller brothers. Like a dog wagging its tail, seeing the owner, the cat rubs on human legs. Not so long ago, research was conducted to find out what animals can express their emotions towards people. As it turned out, the heart of the horsehuman emotion detector. At a time when a person is in contact with the horse, the animal’s heart reflects human emotions. Scientists suggest that in the future this property of horses can be used to measure stress levels in humans.
2. Powerful pump.
From birth to end of life heart constantly pumps blood in every cell of the body. Just imagine: just one day the heart makes approximately 100 000000 blows. It surpasses 5 liters of blood with oxygen. Blood is overtaken by the circulatory system, and is the length of 60000 miles.
3. Heart and sex.
Sexual intercourse is able to burn 200 calories. It can be equal to equal the run 15 minutes. Studies have shown that having sex will not only help to lose weight, as well as much lower risk of heart disease.
4. As “fix a broken heart.
When a man breaks the heart favorite, it is experiencing such pain that makes you want to snatch heart from his chest and replaced by a new one. Better yet would be to drink a pill that will seal” of a broken heart. It may seem strange, but these two options may well become possible. Under the study scientists got green Triton. His body thoroughly studied in order to create a new cell therapy for those people whose heart is broken. Why Triton? Yes because his body turns heart tissue in the stem. This restores the heart muscle.
Purple heart in the hands. BW version with purple heart
Purple heart in the hands. BW version with purple heart
5. Big heart.
There are people whose heart size is larger than the rest. This feature suggests that human have wide soul. Usually, when the heart increases, this is the beginning of problems in the field of cardiology. Increased cardiac Chamberscardiomyopathy is the most common illness.
6. A toast to heart.
And did you know that a glass of red wine contributes to the work of your heart? Scientists have conducted studies that have shown that white wine is useful. Previously, it was argued that all good not in grape juice, and antioxidants that are found in the skin of grapes. Now scientists are confident that the pulp of grapes, both white and red, contains kardiozaŝitnye components.
7. Broken Heart.
Turns out it’s not just a metaphor. Events such as the death of a loved one, especially with a break and expensive person may subsequently break heart, literallymany increases the risk of heart attack.
8. Laugh on health.
When tears come from laughing is a laugh from the heart. During the attack of laughter relaxes the internal wall of the heart vessels. This increases the speed of blood flow.
9. zhenskoe serdce.
Victory for women to break men’s hearts. As for heart-related diseases, there is male winners. Such an opinion has existed for many years. But the statistics says otherwise. Each year in the United States from heart disease dies 50000 men and women is half a million.
Know more about your heart2
10. Heartsymbol of love.
The ancient Greeks were sure that was rubylight. The Egyptians believed that it is born from the heart of intellect and emotion. The Chinese thought that the heart is the hub of happiness.



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