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Keshva Chuck – rope bridge Inca

This building is one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. Such bridges as Chuck Kešva, began to build during the reign of the Inca Empire. This bridge is located in Peru and is known by many travelers.
Keshva Chuck - rope bridge Inca1
How did such a rope bridge has been preserved for so many years and still strong? The secret is pretty simple: for manufacturing such constructions used most durable rods rod. Of them Plait their durable ropes. The Incas were able to build bridges with railings that serve over hundreds of years. For rope bridge with railings is strictly monitored and repaired in a timely manner if necessary. For the position of Superintendent of bridges were hired specially trained people. It is worth noting that in the village were built several bridges, which ran over deep gorges.
To date, only one such bridge. Length Kešva Chuck is 36 metres. It lies on the river Apurimac, at an altitude of 67 meters. The bridge is in good condition to this day, his use of local residents. I must say that caring for rope Bridge: its respective annual repair. Repairs are carried out in the month of June. Work is carried out, rather than to repair, and it has become a kind of tradition. Thus, the locals give tribute to longtime ancestors.
Keshva Chuck - rope bridge Inca2
Local residents have long been accustomed to such a move. But for tourists, he is a mortal danger. Go Chuck Kešva need extreme caution, you must put every effort to bridge is not swaying. Banister served thick and strong ropes of vine. It is worth noting that they serve as moral support rather than actual. But if you suddenly lose balance, it is extremely difficult.



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