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Internet and people

Today people do not feel the information deficit, thanks to the World Wide Web. However, neuroscientists and psychologists believe that overuse of the Internet negatively affects the human brain.
Neuroscientist Gary Resins (University of California) argues that the active search of information in the global network changes the neural connection. Under the guidance of the doctor once conducted a study, which involved people from 55 to 78 years. Before the start of the experiment, half the volunteers regularly used the Internet. The rest only by hearsay knows about it. The last subgroup was set every day to look for information online. A week later, the researchers noted that the brain “newcomersbecome accelerated.
Internet and people1
However, this phenomenon has a negative aspect. When a person is simultaneously working with multiple sites, read news and updates on social networks, its nervous system stress mode. User notes host worsening mood, fatigue, and even irritability. Constant exposure to stress hormone changes the neural connection zones of the brain, which are responsible for the recognition of emotion and self-control.
The global network is one of the media. In contrast to the press and television, the Internet is characterized by individual interactivity, meaning that the user is looking for interesting information and ignores unnecessary. But the human brain is not able to instantly switch from one subject to another. Because of this memory overload happens, because the brain does not correlate the information with personal experience of its owner.
Human brain immediately tries to analyze the information received, because thus satisfied the need for knowledge. Virtually all Internet resources are hyperlinks that rivet the attention of your site visitors. When a person jumps from one resource to another, his brain bad assimilates new data.
Moreover, the Internet has a considerable volume of false and contradictory information. Because of this, active network user can not objectively evaluate the read (seen, hearing).
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Presentation of information on the Internet is governed by the number of requests. So first of all man, wandering on the World Wide Web, is faced with the most popular books, movies, music, merchandise, publications. Often, their quality is far from high. However, receiving an endless stream of information, the user can train your analytical skills and critical mind.
Proper use of electronic resources has undeniable advantages. And here is the uncontrolled absorption of information and exchange of real life to virtual significantly harms humans.



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